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  1. Lily Allen on Sounds Like Friday Night Lily Allen appeared yesterday on Sounds Like Friday Night to perform her brand new single "Trigger Bang", which is currently atop the British iTunes songs chart. Giggs was already on the stage as the performance began so he could rap the opening verse of the song. However, Lily was nowhere to be seen, given that she starts singing by the following pre-chorus. "Grab a few grams and a few grand / Wrapped in elastic in the blue bands / You reach for handouts with your two hands / Who's that? We’re the cool gang", he began rapping, delivering great bars and flow as well. As the pre-chorus began, Giggs left the stage while Lily came in. They briefly high-fived as the audience cheered after realizing Allen was there. "And it fuels my addictions / Hanging out in this whirlwind / If you cool my ambitions / I’m gonna cut you out", she sang, as orange and red lights bathed the stage. Lily just swiftly twirled around and faced the camera while belting out the lyrics to the single, as she isn't used to feature backup dancers on performances nor choreographing her own songs. During the chorus, while she sings "Everyone's a trigger bang, bang, bang, bang, bang", she did a finger gun and pretended to shoot every time she sang the word "bang". This surely added a lot to the delivery of the performance, since screen visuals weren't used for the performance this time around. The rendition remained the same during the following verse and chorus, although the lightning would be changed according to the intensity of the melody. Right before the last chorus, which sees a sudden softening of the beat, all lights suddenly shone brighter than ever before being back to its normal intensity as Lily wrapped up the performance. "That’s why I can’t hang out with the cool gang / Everyone’s a trigger bang, bang, bang, bang, bang / Goodbye bad bones, I’ve got bigger plans / Gonna put myself in your hands". The audience applauded as Lily smiled and blew kisses to the crowd. The performance was later made available on BBC Music's YouTube channel. “Trigger Bang” is out now.
  2. Though singer, songwriter and pop star Lily Allen hasn’t released any music in more than four years - her latest endeavor, Sheezus, dropped in the spring of 2014 -, her name has always been plastered on headlines. The news always buzzes around her, and Lily finds no one to blame but machismo in the media industry when they are negative. Ready to release her brand new album, No Shame, in early 2019, Lily exclusively opens up about her feminist activism, the current state of the music industry and her hiatus from public activities, at least in the musical field. On feminism in the industry "I’m a proud feminist and I can’t think on why I wouldn’t be. You see, although women conquered a whole bunch of rights recently, we are still very far from having an equal society. Or an egalitarian one - fair and impartial instead of strictly uniform, because I think there is this still very important dichotomy between both sexes that guides the social organization. Men have to understand that we don’t want to be superior, and that feminism isn’t the opposite to machismo. We definitely don’t think women are better than men, like chauvinism says. We just want egalitarian rights for both sexes. However, I think that if I were a male artist, the media wouldn’t call me outspoken or mouthy. The media doesn’t apply these words to men. You see, if a male singer writes a political record, he’s a woke, politicized person that cares about the state of the society as a whole. But if I, as a female songwriter, wrote an album about politics - everybody would call me nosy and pretend that I’m not smart enough to talk about the topic. That happened with Madonna, although her political record [American Life] is incredible. It was just because she’s a woman." "The media doesn’t apply these words [outspoken or mouthy] to men." On the streaming era "The music industry has changed a lot since the last time I’ve released any music. I mean, people barely buy physical CDs and vinyls anymore. I read somewhere last month that Best and Buy shut down their album sales and Target is next, and that worried me a lot because they used to lead the physical music segment on the market. I mean, artists used to release special versions of their projects for these stores. But it’s undeniable that streaming is the future of the industry and I’m totally aware of that, so that’s the point of our focus on promotion for the new single ["Trigger Bang"], at least for now. We’re releasing a vertical video for Spotify or something like that soon enough and the label put the song on exposure on Apple Music, I guess that’s a great start." On her time away from the spotlight "I had to have some time for myself and put my mind on place after such a turbulent time in my life. I released an album [Sheezus] that I’m not necessarily proud of, but that goes far beyond than that. I was struggling with the divorce bureaucracy, I was trying to raise my daughters alone and I was facing some troubles with alcohol addiction. It was a really dark time in my life and what I did was channeling it into music, which is the purest form of human expression in my opinion because it encompasses so much more than just rhythm, melody and lyrics. It’s all about the moment in the life of the writer, framed and pictured in a very beautiful, sad way. So writing this record was a deeply cathartic process for me, a time of reflection and analysis on life as a whole." No Shame is out next year through Island Records.
  3. Lily Allen on Kiss FM Lily Allen stopped by the Kiss FM headquarters this Tuesday morning to do an interview following the release of her comeback single, “Trigger Bang”. On No Shame This album is insanely personal. I was so sad while I started to record the album - I was passing through a divorce, struggling with alcohol addiction and raising my children all by myself. So I knew I had to write music that channeled it all with sincerity. There is nothing behind this album besides my will on talking about what I was facing back then. That’s how the record is being conceived and I’m very proud of what is coming out of it - although I don’t feel like we’ll have any kind of radio success or hit singles. There’s not obvious radio material there. It’s just an honest, sad piece of work that I felt like I needed to share with the world in order to close this chapter of my life and leave it behind. On working on the album I want to do things in my own self-pace for this record. My last one felt slightly rushed and I don’t want this one to send this sensation on the fans, so I am taking all the time needed to make it 100% ‘me’. That is also taking a long while because I want to balance motherhood and work - I don’t want to lack on either of these, if you understand me, because when you do two things at the same time, the chances of being a failure on one of them is very high (laughs). I had to learn how to plan my schedule before starting to record the new music, because I’m a messy person and I knew I had to make a planner kind of thing to have a less hectic routine. Right now, I’d say the album is almost ready - there are some songs that aren’t totally finished yet, but I’m hitting the studio frequently to end the record by the beginning of the winter, which is my deadline according to the label. So I guess you can expect the album by early 2019, probably January or anything like that. But I’ll make sure to come here as soon as I have the final date. On collaborating with Mark Ronson Mark Ronson is one of the most talented people I’ve ever known. The first time we worked together was on my first album, which was released literally a decade ago, in 2006. God, I feel so old saying this out loud (laughs). Anyway, we got to work together again for this album, although he didn’t write anything with me in the first place. I was in Los Angeles and he came in the studio to see what I was recording for the new album. So he entered and heard one of the songs, which is called “Family Man” and he was like, “I want to produce this”. That’s how it worked for us. But then we wrote together another song on the album that I’m also very fond of. BloodPop and Ezra Koenig also hopped on this little one, which is called “My One”. “Trigger Bang” is out now.
  4. In a partnership with Apple Music to widen exposure for her comeback single, Lily Allen's brand new song "Trigger Bang" is being featured on three of the main playlists on the streaming service, being them "A List Pop", "Future Hits" and "Best of the Week". The three playlists have the single on the first position and the track is set to remain there up until the end of the week. Positions on the following weeks will be defined by the streaming data the single draws from now on, with chances of entering the main playlist of the platform - "Today's Hits" - as well.  “Trigger Bang” is out now.
  5. As soon as her brand new single "Trigger Bang" was made available for purchase, the British and Australian iTunes servers were updated with banners promoting Lily Allen's newly released song plus her past catalogue. When the "Trigger Bang" banner is clicked, the user is redirected to her homepage, where they can buy the song and her discounted discography. "Trigger Bang" was also added to the iTunes' "Best of the Week" tab, further enhancing the exposure of the single on the platform. Lily's past album releases - Alright Still, It's Not Me, It's You and Sheezus - are all available at discounted prices on iTunes UK and Australia to celebrate her comeback up until the coming Friday. “Trigger Bang” is out now.
  6. Lily Allen on Saturday Night Takeaway This Saturday night, Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway returned to ITV and Lily Allen was a special guest on the show, where she performed her new single “Trigger Bang” for the first time plus a selection of her greatest hits. Performance #1: “Trigger Bang” feat. Giggs For her first performance of the night, Lily Allen would sing her brand new single, “Trigger Bang”, a collaboration with fellow British rapper Giggs. He was already on the stage when the cameras zoomed in, although Lily wasn’t there since her first verse only starts about one minute into the song. He started off by rapping, “Grab a few grams and a few grand / Wrapped in elastic in the blue bands / Reach for handouts with your two hands / Who's that? We're the cool gang”, whilst the screens displayed looping visuals taken from the music video, obviously from the scenes he appears. As the first pre-chorus began, Giggs left the stage while Lily came in, prompting the audience to cheer. They giggled at each other before Allen lifted the microphone to her mouth, singing, “And it fuels my addictions / Hanging out in this whirlwind / If you cool my ambitions / I’m gonna cut you out”. The screens continued to show visuals from the music video in the same looping pattern, this time around from scenes the young version of Lily is featured. Moving into the chorus, Allen started to walk across the stage in a slow pace, making some hand movements that resembled a gun shooting. The second verse would include visuals from the house party on the music video, while Lily performed the track with smoothing, chilled-out vocals. Lily would wrap up the performance by belting out the very last chorus, while the screens displayed the scenes from the video where she meets Giggs in a small café. At the end, the audience applauded and Lily left the stage so Ant and Dec could give sequence to the show. Performance #2: hits medley The second performance of the night would be a medley of Lily’s biggest hits, namely “Smile”, “LDN”, “The Fear” and “Not Fair”. It would also feature both Ant and Dec due to the funny nature of the performance, which was intentionally comic. The performance started with Lily on a bedroom area that was set up on the stage. She would eat a chocolate bar just like she does on the beginning of the music video to “Smile”, one of her most memorable songs to date, while the ska flavored production of the track instantly resonated through the studio. She would then breath out heavily and eat other snacks that were hidden behind her, pretending she was mourning over a past relationship, before singing the first verse of the track with a sad look on her eyes. As the verse was ending, she took off a portrait from a nightstand near the bed, which had a picture of Lily hugging Ant in a funny way to represent the past relation she talks about on the song. Soon after the “Smile” beats transited to “LDN”, Dec appeared on the bedroom, portraying a friend of hers. He was wearing a dress and trousers, resembling Allen’s quaint outfit on the latter music video. They would then dance around the bedroom, jumping on the bed, while Lily sang the chorus to “LDN” as on “Sun is in the sky, oh why, oh why / Would I wanna be anywhere else? / When you look with your eyes / Everything seems nice / But if you look twice / You can see it's all lies”. The next song from the medley would be “The Fear”. Lily would walk to a space on the stage that was set to resemble the gift boxes scene on the music video of the single. She would sing the opening verse there, as on “I want to be rich and I want lots of money / I don't care about clever I don't care about funny / I want loads of clothes and fuckloads of diamonds / I heard people die while they are trying to find them”. As the more upbeat part of the verse began, the two gift boxes at her sides were revealed to be Ant and Dec, who would try to dance around with no sight of what was happening due to being literally inside the gift outfits. They would then fall on the stage, and Lily tried to sing the rest of the verse to no avail, since she would burst into laughter at the sight of the scene. The following song to be a part of the medley was “Not Fair”. Lily would walk over to another part of the stage, set up to look like a farm, where there were stacks of hay piled up, a real-sized horse sculpture and a vintage-like microphone stand. She would sing the first verse of the song before Ant and Dec appeared dressed like cowgirls to dance to the chorus of the track, making it one of the funniest parts of the medley. The performance would end with them all singing to the chorus of the single before an actual chicken was dropped on the stage, prompting them three to run behind it to grab it. The audience busted into laughter and they bowed while holding the animal. “Trigger Bang” is out now.
  7. Lily Allen on Capital FM Following her interview on BBC Radio 1 earlier this morning, Lily Allen went straight to Capital FM while in London to do an interview. On “Trigger Bang” It’s finally out and I can’t believe it. I haven’t release new music in, like, four years or so, and it feels like I’m starting it all over again. I think I’m going to freak out the first time I hear it playing on the radio while I’m driving, just like when I first heard “Smile” playing (laughs). And I think it was on Capital FM! That must be a sign for you all to spin the new single (laughs). Anyway, the song is deeply meaningful for me so it just felt right to put it out as the first song from the next album, which is just as personal as the trac. As you can hear by the lyrics, it’s about cutting off all the people that are bad to you, not just enemies, but the ones that drag you to bad things, you know. Drugs and this kind of stuff. And it feels very nostalgic because when I entered on the show business it seemed like almost everyone was bad or degenerated somehow. The song was written over this kind of experience. On the music video for “Trigger Bang” I love the visual we recorded for “Trigger Bang”, honestly. It’s surely one of my favorite music videos I’ve ever done and I put some easter eggs so my die-hard fans can spend some time finding them (laughs). While I was driving to here I saw that some fans on Twitter already found out that we recorded that bathroom scene in the same place we shot my video for “22”, a song I released back in 2009 or 2010. And they got it right! I won’t reveal other little secrets that I placed on the video because I don’t want to ruin the surprise when you realize they are there (laughs). On her new label I was like, so done with Parlophone when we parted ways. I was still under them when I started recording this album, but I truly avoided contact with the people there because I didn’t want to wear myself out while doing something I love, which is writing music. But then we came up with a joint deal because Island Records was interested on having me under their scope, so we eventually parted ways and I signed with Island for my two next albums. I am loving my time on the new label so far - they were truly receptive and enjoy my new music a lot, so that’s a plus on everything. And so far I’ve been given total creative control, which is something I’ve never fully had until now. They are just amazing to me. On her favorite artists right now I love Tinashe. I’m so into her music, you have no idea. The album she put out this year is truly one of the best records I’ve heard in a long while. I don’t know, her music has this quite mystic flair that is just so captivating. She made me a sucker for alternative R&B, I’m not going to lie (laughs). I’m also really enjoying the new Jorja Smith record - it’s very powerful and the lyrical work there is top notch. Hope she stays around for a long time. “Trigger Bang” is out now.
  8. Lily Allen on BBC Radio 1 Lily Allen appeared this morning on BBC Radio 1 as part of the Hottest Record in the World series presented by Annie Mac for an interview and the premiere of her new single, “Trigger Bang”. On “Trigger Bang” This is a very special song for me, and that’s also the reason why we decided to put it out as the first single from my upcoming record. It’s been a long while since I’ve released my last album and I wanted to present this new album to the world with a song that’s very remarkable and memorable, something that people could instantly connect to my image and persona. That’s why we went with “Trigger Bang” - the song is not very commercial or radio friendly and we do have tracks on the album that sound bigger hits, but they wouldn’t be as appropriate as “Trigger Bang” to introduce this new project. On No Shame Damn, I am so excited to release this record, you have no idea. I mean, it’s been three or four years since my last album, Sheezus, was released, and that record was quite lackluster. I felt like I wasn’t in charge of my career because the label was requesting hit material, you know, and I’ve never recorded songs with commercial intentions stuck on my mind. I guess that was what prompted the rest to happen. The album era was a total mess and the record itself was bad. I mean, it wasn’t that bad, it was just lacking in a cohesive direction. But this new one is killer and I’m very proud of it. We are currently planning on putting the new album out by the beginning of next year because there are still some things to be polished, so keep an eye out for news regarding the release and this kind of stuff. On her time away I did a lot of things while was away from the spotlight. I truly felt like that being promoting my music on the road and touring made me miss watching my girls grow, which totally saddened me as a mother. There is an actual song on the record that talks about this issue - it’s called “Three” and it’s a ballad I wrote from the point of view of my younger daughter. Anyway, besides taking care of my beautiful baby girls, I also recorded the new album, obviously, and tried to put my mind on place to come back feeling truly ready for what’s to come. On touring We are already planning a tour for this album. I can’t reveal much because we are on the earliest steps of planning, but I can confirm the tour will be visiting America, Australia and obviously the United Kingdom. I’m very excited to perform the album live because it’s a very personal record and I think the emotions packed on the songs will be truly channeled while I sing them live. So yes, touring is something that will be definitely happening and I’m looking forward to it. But that will be probably after the album comes out. “Trigger Bang” is out now.
  9. @Venti i was away the whole day yesterday, is there still time to be playlisted? if so i'd like to put trigger bang on spotify's hit radar and fresh pop, including a vertical video on the first one
  10. Lily Allen - Trigger Bang (feat. Giggs) Directed by: Myles Whittingham Alongside the single release, an accompanying music video for “Trigger Bang” was released on October 12. It features both Lily Allen and Giggs, as well as actresses portraying younger versions of Lily Allen, depicting her hanging out with friends at those earlier ages. The video is now available on Vevo.
  11. Lily Allen has released the lead single from her highly anticipated fourth studio album, No Shame. The song is titled “Trigger Bang” and features English rapper Giggs. It is a piano-tinged hip hop song that resembles some of Allen’s earlier work, reminiscing about growing up and batting substance abuse. “Trigger Bang” was released as the first single taken from No Shame. It is available for digital download everywhere and was sent to airplay on British, European and Australian radios. Song title: Trigger Bang Artists: Lily Allen, Giggs Release date: October 12, 2018 Genre: hip pop Length: 3:32 Label: Island Records Writers: Lily Allen · Benjamin Gerrett · Nathaniel Thomson Producer: Fryars Audio Lyrics
  12. I'm back and I'm changing my label. It's now called Island Records and I'm signing: Taylor Swift, Lily Allen, St. Vincent. Marina and the Diamonds stays on her indie label Cherry Tree.