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  1. Update: P!ATD's upcoming album Pray for the Wicked + Death of a Bachelor
  2. "Dress" is officially the third single taken from Taylor Swift's sixth studio album, reputation. Released as a follow-up to the smash hits "Look What You Made Me Do" and "End Game", both peaking at the top ten of multiple worldwide charts, the track was issued to top forty, hot adult contemporary, adult contemporary and triple A radio stations as of March 23, targeting to a more mature audience than Swift's previous singles releases. It's also available for digital purchase and streaming, and Taylor additionally uploaded an audio of the single on her Vevo channel. Release date: March 23, 2018 Genres: pop · synth pop Length: 3:50 Writers: Taylor Swift · Jack Antonoff Producers: Jack Antonoff · Taylor Swift
  3. wow, the memories from when i had jess and actually released music for her also that on my mind remix with madonna was one of the most iconic things from s1 ngl
  4. 101/100. wig? touring mars. dad? came back. skin? cleared. diseases? everything cured. madonna is shook at her obvious successor, lady gaga is weeping at her new queen of pop title being taken away as we speak. i'm speechless.
  5. lmao, a reach poor girls arent even requested for debutante balls
  6. why is a fifth harmony stan talking about ticket sales when 5h just cancelled a 2k capacity venues tour in australia bc of poor demand?
  7. btw why does this look like a warzone? chill y'all, it's a fucking game