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  1. I kissed a girl. the prism tour performance gave me life
  2. New Rules became a hit in the UK, and only became a hit in the US 6 whole months later. It is not true that it is easier to get a hit nowadays. It is easier for males and rappers, yes. Since they are dominating streaming. It is harder for the girls.
  3. it took Just Dance 8 months to get there New names do not have frontloaded instant success, they build up over time
  4. Yes. A very successful book was written about it (which is pretty great I read it), which was turned into a pretty great movie. ( which is pretty great I watched it)
  5. Lucky

    I'm done.

    Good Stan wars are pointless because in most cases the reason people use to criticize the pop star is not the actual problem they have with her. They just don't like her and so they look for what is wrong in that person. And it's pointless to try to change their mind, as it probably won't happen and even if it did, what would you accomplish with it? Not a whole lot. Britney is not even that much into being famous anymore. She doesn't care what the haters of churchofpop have to say about her.
  6. I support this. They can be my duff - designated ugly fat friend - so I shine even more when they are in my presence.
  7. The album is really good though. Scripted, There You Are, Good Years, are all amazing
  8. Ariana was the last friend she had left. This is bad...