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  1. It is very good. I have been playing it a lot the last few days and it just gets better and better.
  2. There really isn't a point to go there if you have this place and TRL like WHAT is that good for They are so strict and stupid and it's very restrticted what you can say
  3. Not everyone talking about Selena in Ariana's thread, Interest really isn't there for the donut licker
  4. He has songs where he sings. I posted the best one in the VIP media section
  5. This perofrmance shows she does have talent, she just often doesn't channel it properly
  6. He is a little pink bunny who sings song about drugs, girls and medication
  7. ??? Doesn't he only have 1 album beerbongs and bentleys
  8. He does have 5 really good songs on his latest album.
  9. Do you like the "stay" singer, his personality and his music?