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  1. I like it. It is far better than her previous 2 lead singles.
  2. This is great. I love it. Can we get a Madonna solo edit?
  3. Agreed. Fave song by her? I really like believer and I'll still have me
  4. Why are there so many foreign words in there? MAdge don't do this
  5. She can't do this to me! I need at least 3 more albums by her and she was supposed to deliver 1 this year! Screw this i don'T want to live in a world without her!!!!
  6. I love Madonna a lot but we are in the streaming era it's not about sales anymore. Using sales as receipts just reminds you how outdated she is.
  7. Another day, another Gaga hating thread by King and Queen.
  8. Natalia Kills. Nick Jonas. Ava Max. Kesha. Miley Cyrus. Gwen Stefani. Christina Aquilera.
  9. All about that bass is an all-encompassing hit yes but Gaga had more stability through he carreer that matters too