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  1. If we are being objective - she is a good performer, yes, although her style is monotonous in recent times - but you can't honestly say she is talented at the creative side of her music, because she is a face that sells the product other people make. She can't compose or write songs, so her range of talents is limited. Therefore, she can't be the most talented.
  2. Oh wow I thought always remember us this way would be top 3, shook
  3. I feel like Joanne and Music to my eyes should have gone higher than this....
  4. It's not a spectacular song, I rememeber back on GGD when Joanne came out in the album rate it became second-to-last
  5. Seems like most Joanne songs are out already.....
  6. Classic Lana. I still remember the first time I heard it before the album was released...such a summer tune 10/10
  7. Lucky

    Tove Lo

    Exhibition is so good. i still listen to it daily
  8. Your post makes it seem you only liked 3 songs out of 12
  9. Our brains are different and that is why we like different things It's okay, although it's sad you hated the album so much considering you are a very big fan.