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  1. She has influence yes but none of her ideas come from her. She hops on trends and then popularizes them, with fashion she just wears what people more talented than her tell her to put on
  2. Some people claim it's still getting recurrent radio airplay. But I had to discover it all by myself a few weeks ago. What is the truth?
  3. I am ready for a white man D right about now
  4. Gilbert is really cool in this series, his travels bring something unexpected to the story, but also the way the character of Marilla is expanded from the books is so fascinating to me, like in the Christmas episode when Sebastion brings them curry as a present, she behaves so different from how she usually does. I love it
  5. That show is the real shit, I am so glad when people mention that they like it too. I'm thirsty for season 3
  6. Well it's really unfair this is happening to you and fuck the world honestly and screw your parents if they don't accept you for who you are.
  7. She gives us the hooks, the production, the catchy choruses that others simply don't anymore. Heart to Break, Hillside Boys, Turn Off The Light, Close Your Eyes, Alien, Magnetic, Choker are all 10/10 bops and would be hits if someone with a name sang them
  8. I am although my boyfriend is very submissive so it's more like he is my white whore
  9. While she had problems in her personal life lately, everything was handed to her. She comes from a rich family, and is extremely priviliged.
  10. The curious creations of Christine McConnel, came out on Netflix last week. It's a very unique show, she makes unusual looking pastries and there is a light storyline going on. I never saw something like it before and it's only 6 episodes so I went through it in 2 days.