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  1. I love @Black Beauty ?’s avatar right now.
  2. She should’ve made an album of acoustic versions of her songs like this!
  3. Yes, I am. And I’m proud it! Also, there’s one that triggered me - I don’t know if I am to be triggered but… He said “When women think of ‘feminism’, they mean 20% more privilege than men. Not just equality but still needs chivalry or men being gentlemen, like WTF!”
  4. エリス★

    Yes or No

    But okay! That, I do. So, yeah! Do you like ice cream cakes?
  5. エリス★

    Yes or No

    Can’t say that I do because I haven’t eaten one.
  6. Gosh, sorry! Me when I don’t read signs. Almost Home vs. Emotions
  7. @Queen Britney FUCK YOU! (JK, LUV Ü) Teenage Dream vs. I Knew You Were Trouble
  8. Marina and the Diamonds, “Electra Heart”
  9. Sarah Bareilles, “Gonna Get Over You”
  10. Ke$ha, “C U Next Tuesday”
  11. Oh, wow! Well, I still do find this forum the best Pop forum and community, like, evah! It’s just that I didn’t have time to log on again.