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  1. Mine smells like fanta, no coke
  2. Even though she is a nasty bish and I hate her guts, she looks just fine to me
  3. is there a chatbox section on this forum? :poot2:

    1. Blue Sunshine

      Blue Sunshine

      Not anymore, no. The function is disabled.


  4. I wanna know how you taste :dafuq:

  5. That's fanmade Heidi Montag is a singer songwriter responsible for masterpieces such as this, from her highly acclaimed debut album
  6. Not when Heidi Montag's Sophomore album is in the works
  7. In this handmade heaven we forget the time

  8. it's fashun after all 

  9. Miss Camaraderie - Azealia Banks
  10. This could go either ways tbh