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  1. Bite

    Yes or No

    Yes Would you sell your soul for wealth?
  2. I think I'm gonna watch Creep 2 this weekend.. I liked the first one
  3. The powers that be want us to yell at each other instead of directing our blame at them!
  4. I love horror movies and i just saw The Nun...that movie was not it
  5. I'm.. going to wait until episode two or three to have an opinion. I did really like the first 20 minutes tho
  6. I also grew up (and still am) lower class so I do understand the anger and frustration of seeing the -handouts-. However these twitter people do create a lot of sway in peoples opinions but those aren't exactly the people who are making the changes! Take the time to look at discussions on higher levels that have to do with these issues. It would probably make you feel more in control if you knew more about who was having the discussions actually making these changes. Just breathe and know that these SJW people are venting out of a place of anger too and its just social media they are just all yelling into the void together. I do hope you are able to relax a bit because I used to get very angry and irritated over this stuff too but honestly its not worth ittt. It feels so much better and in control doing studies about how to make a difference outside of it. Sending you love
  7. I mean I want new music but Im fine with her expanding her empire like this. It would probably make her care less about sales and feel more free to do whatever she wants musically because her finances are SET for the future
  8. I think it depends on the tone of the documentary- most don't try and emphasize the good and create sympathy and the sjw is probably worried that his trend with videos with depict this - although I feel like it won't. & Be the voice you want to hear! But on one hand white people start to fight back... I'm white but I know my history enough to know they have not exactly stopped fighting... & People do discuss black on black crime but I think you are a little too preoccupied popping your blood-vessels over extreme SJWs on Twitter to turn your attention to the groups having real discussions on these things!
  9. When saying MGMT outloud are you supposed to say Management or emgeeemtee
  10. I've been listening to a lot of The Drum's and MGMT's most recent albums
  11. I like I Don't more but this one I haven't listened to enough to fully have a strong opinion!
  12. I mean I disagree w a lot of ""sjw"" (using in the context that you used) but I mean they aren't toooo far off. I think the docuseries isn't necessarily meant to benefit jake paul but we will see when its out (i mean i won''t personally see bc im not watching a shane dawson video in 2018). Like he is doing this all for entertainment for the ppl who find his videos entertaining but i do think there could be a small argument made that it did redeem jeffery star in a lot of peoples eyes but on the other hand the ones watching enough of that video series to feel better abt jeffery are probably not the jeffery haters.
  13. Good Form is easily one of her best songs