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  1. Stop projecting honey, no one is taking this seriously
  2. I didnt even listen to Dua's album and idc for it tho I only like One Kiss and New Rules
  3. Arent you the one being so butthurt that i dragged ur fave that u had to randomly mention my fave because u cant even deny the fact that Camila is a better performer than that walmart lowcost version of Mariah with no charisma who dont even know how to prononciate her syllables or lip sync to her own songs in her music videos?
  4. Don't u stan carly and taylor who dont even have a octave or range to save their lives? Also why do u have a dua badge if u hate her?
  5. And i never said Dua was a great performer, ur being random here
  6. Why are you talking about Dua when no one even mentioned her existence in this thread lmao Ur a child
  7. And the totality of Fist harmony And i'm not even a stan but like this performance reminds me of early 2000s Beyoncé, girl done her homework!