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  1. That video is a joke, if she auditioned at x factor she'd get rejected
  2. So you stopped stanning rihanna just bcuz of two random ppl on the internet? and comparing domestic, psychological abuse to a knee injury on a music video set is really dumb and childish, make some sense, get educated, as for ur other comment on rihanna's weed addiction how does that make her a bad person, didnt britney have a meth and alcohol addiction in 2007? no wonder she aged so badly from all the meth she took
  3. Cuz she always based her career on selling sex, shock value, controversy, over talent and authenticity, and when her looks faded her career did too.
  4. Pls stop acting like Britney was some crazy ass dancer in her prime, her dancing wasn't better than Ciara, Tinashe, Janet or Beyoncé, stop over-rating her ass. I could also post any random performance from her cheap vegas show, it'd be just as unimpressive as those gifs. So yeah shes grossing millions and? So are cigarette brands like marlboro , doesn't mean it's good since its actually giving people cancer, that just shows you how dumb and fucked up some people are to waste thousands of dollars just to watch some mentally ill woman walk, lipsync, flip her hair and do zumba moves on stage , wow amazing, she's such an artist, she's so talented. I mean she (or her team) is good at scamming people, i give her props for that.
  5. >Britney is humble/down to earth >Rihanna is an asshole to people
  6. This is so good she literally slays every bitch in the game, look at those complex dance moves, so much better than these desperate twerking girls!
  7. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/12/22/mariah-carey-dictator_n_4489499.html https://www.theguardian.com/music/shortcuts/2013/dec/22/mariah-carey-celebrates-christmas-dictator
  8. Someone is butthurt Why are you attacking me constantly? I never pretended to be above anybody, i'm just tired of gays over-hyping basic people like Zara Larsson and stuff, what's so special about her or Normani? They all look and sound the same you can't deny that people have very low standard when it comes to calling someone "queen". Pop music isnt renewing itself, new pop girls are just a rehash of the previous ones and when you talk to them about interesting artists they act very close-minded just because it isn't a pop girl, i'm sad for people who only listen to basic pop and don't know anything else
  9. shawn mendes is just as worshipped and glorified by these twitter twinks as charli and kim