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  1. i am monitarized im so scared i fear for my life theyre watching me when i'm sleeping through my webcam
  2. this is a big fuck you to all the haters that say that britney cant sing
  3. i'm very nice but if you betray me i can the villest most ruthless cunt on the planet, i'd prob take revenge then move on with my life, the thing is that nobody is irreplaceable, the internet is full of pop music superfans you'd just need to start a new twitter campagn to recruit i mean thats not that hard just wait for a celeb to tweet something and be THE FIRST in the replies you can also do this on instagram, u can also use other tools like being the first posting audios or leaks on youtube with a channel named like your forum and u put a link in the description
  4. i just don't waste my time with people who don't deserve my time or dislike me, ur problems with me are not my problems those are your problems i'd prob would have banned all of them in a burst if this was my forum tho
  5. im dying fuck maroon 5 can't they make only rappers headlining? that would be more fun
  6. i dont get it why is everyne being so dramatic
  7. not rlly there are like 2 ariana stans here vs 10 mariah stans its not okay
  8. everytime someone make a thread about ari u always have those mariah stans coming to brag about her sales like we know she was successful in like 1990 but that was 25 years ago sales climate was very different and the 5 octaves argument is tired i mean selena has 0 octaves and still managed to make a career out of it so stop being so delusional mariah is from the past the yung generation they dont care