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  1. this is really basic, her voice tone is nothing special
  2. Well technically i am retarded since i have bipolar disorder so i can use it, it's like gays who use the f word as a term of endearment, why can't i do the same? You guys are a joke to the concept of moderation, honestly, but like when i see the admin i'm not surprised, this forum is a mess from the staff to the community
  3. How is calling his way of stanning retarded a personel attack ? it just is, he acts retarded, i didnt say he was retarded, it's the way he chooses to act
  4. @Elusive Loverboy Oh really, so you're really giving warning points now, but youre not giving warning points to the people who make a competition out of fucking traumas.? why you mariah stans just dont go suck yourselves? this circle-jerk is really getting cringy af, just like this fucking thread. Oh don't worry for me i am, cause you know i am lucid about myself, something you clearly don't know
  5. Lol. Do you think anybody here takes you seriously? I didn't troll about her being abused or personal life shit like you do with Ariana, that's gross, i only talked about stuff related to her music, i mean you're like the incarnation of everything that is retarded with stanning, i doubt you even realize it, this thread speaks for itself... i really don't know if you're trolling or not, if you're not then you really need help
  6. This thread shouldn't exist, a good example of how stanning goes too far and makes you dumb , sufferance is sufferance, we should not measure it, both of Ariana and mariah are strong women who have to handle criticism everyday of their life and will have to handle it until they die because they chose to be in the public eye, their traumas is what made them the way they are today, they got over it, as you should cause this is a mess, don't make a competition out of something like this
  7. stop judging him, he prob has issues
  8. I'm by no means transphobic but, this is a question that i've been asking myself lately, when you think about it, transexuals people only suffer because their external apparence doesn't please them, they needed to change their external apparence to feel like themselves, but like, this apparence will not last because we are all going back to dust, like those men turning into a woman and do surgery to be perfecty beautiful, small nose, big lips, big breast, big ass... idk. Transsexuals say that their main issue is they feel like they are trapped in the opposite gender's bodythat their mind is male and their physical vessel is female or male, im a male, but I don't feel like a man i feel like me. i don't like doing man things, I like doing the things I like to do. i have facial hair and a penis, but they are not integral parts of who I am, because an individual is more than the meat they walk around in, what does it mean to have a male or female brain? i've met women that were more stereotypically masculine in their thinking (aggressive, ambitious, domineering) than many men, and men that were more stereotypically feminine (nurturing, sensitive, caring) than many women. i think transsexuals are emotionally immature and as a result attach disproportionate salience to superficial gender constructs. plenty of feminine men live their lives without wanting to chop off their penis and vice versa. transsexualism is nothing but an extreme manifestation of human vanity but as i said i don't hate trans people but i just don't understand some of them because physical apparence isnt everything
  9. Nothing, it all went really well Basic is basic, shes lucky she had a good song like havana which could have been a hit if it was sang by anybody cause aside from that...