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  1. Cardi b is more successful right now, I feel like she's everywhere, and with Camila it seems more like an internet/teenager thing, where she can get magazine covers and hits but people don't really know who she is
  2. I guess that's because she is a new girl and hasn't proved herself a lot, and also because she is black and guetto. I respect her, her flow is not so good, but she managed to go from stripping to having multiple successful songs/colabs on hot 100, I have mad respect for it.
  3. I really hope she blows up, I love her voice and I have a soft spot for her due to her money condition shown on xfactor, but so far she seems to be doing not much, even Ally is on red carpets and singing on some kind of stages
  4. I haven't heard this song in full, damn I love her voice I hope her team cares and fight for her!
  5. That's sad, I think Epic won't do much for her when they are betting on Camila to be a huge force in pop
  6. Does he pay child support for his other kids?
  7. Does Dinah have a manager? Is she signed to any label? I really love her voice and want her to succeed, but out of all the girls she seems to be doing the minimum