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  1. People need to stop giving all these pretentious morons the light of day. They thrive from this, utter oxygen thieves.
  2. I don't believe any of these phonies in Britney's inner circle, they're all trying to save their own skin at this point before the TRUE receipts come out of their cruel evil ways towards Brit.
  3. "James Charles Is Innocent" said no one
  4. I'm currently trying to figure out which Masters degree i wanna study, such a stressful time cos i need to put the application in soon
  5. Evidently not since it took 3 years for her to add Lemonade to spotify once she noticed her coffers were depleting
  6. has this just been released? If yeah it sounds familiar to one of her other songs, but i don't know which as i'm not too russian familiar A bop nonetheless
  7. This is just sad, cos it's her best MV and one of her best songs. Talent lost!
  8. I cannot fucking stand James Charles... however I cannot fucking stand tenfold Twitter blowing up any bit of controversy for a bit of meme and giggles. Twitter has such a negative impact on society, mental health and the media. Remember when Twitter stan culture has uplifted anyone? No? Me either!
  9. Someone knight queen Mary! She can still release an edgy bop to put these dull sounding new r&b era chicks back in their basements! Whew! This deserves huge chart impact
  10. She is part of the evil uprising to bring Britney down, it must be sad being the sister of a global superstar while no one gives a shit about her ass.