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  1. Please keep me out of this mess! The quicker this place is shut down the better.
  2. Yet WOP will still outlast this forum when the server dies ????
  3. Why don't you make a memory book or time capsule to remember this era in the future? It's a shame you gave up on this place.
  4. Tricki got herself cloned to get sales nowadays
  5. rihce

    Alice chater

  6. Her last album took about 3 years to release, so expect the same
  7. Recently I've been getting into Kelis discography and she has some brilliant funk songs. But I need to say Sweet Spot by Kim Petras is certainly NOT funk sis.
  8. Hello i'm back again to expose another fave! Find Your Way Back indeed. Time to retire sis!
  9. she should know better! Trash! CancelledT!