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  1. Not me missing this This was a mess wtf this site is so tasteless
  2. I guess it depends on whether you consider Laundry Service as Shakira's international debut
  3. Well thank God she stopped trying to be Beyoncé then so she could actually become successful
  4. You're the one who brought up Rihanna to this thread for no reason at all, posting bullshit not even you believe And then when you are put in your place, instead of defending your point, quickly hide away Rihanna is a legend and you will deal and respect her as such, and if you won't, just seethe I know you're used to flexing to believe your fave is actually relevant, but come on Thank u, next, fat
  5. Rihanna is up there with the legends, being one of the highest selling artists of all time. She's the highest selling artist with certified units, considering both male and female. ANTI is still fucking charting despite being released like 3 years ago Literally shut up, you stan a flop that debuts at #55 yet still get brave as if no one would notice
  6. I came to this thread to post about her She's a goddamn queen
  7. I forgot- Nicki's verse is a must, and the guy in the background would be a nice feature
  8. Fair enough, can't argue with the last part But prime Britney is something yet to be touched Britney Spears is one of the most wasted talents in the industry, so much that people believe her to actually be talentless