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  1. No, i like her, i just think ari's version will sound too perfect. If she's going to do it she better stick to the demo version.
  2. Hello Yes, she burned a lot of bridges in the industry and sadly for her the damage was irreversible. You're right about that. I'm never defending any of her trolling actions, personally i'm repulsed by them. she got rightfully canceled for her actions, no going around that, I'm just saying that some people like cardi B actually got away with a lot of horrible stuff yet azealia is somehow held to a different set of standards, why is that?
  3. Everything i said in my initial comment is a FACT and i stand by it 100%. My point wasn't forgiving azealia or liking her, i already said she is not a good person above, my point was that y'all are biased af with whom you forgive and whom to cancel forever and it is transparent af. Either keep the same energy for everyone or shut up and stop whining. Race governs everything in the US, it permeates the politics of the entertainment industry as well, that's why a light skin female rapper like cardi can get away with a crime while visibly black women like NM, monique and AB get blackballed for minor reasons. This makes them victims in a way. All FACTS. We can agree to disagree.
  4. You all forgave iggy "runaway slave master" azalea and her racist fuckery and still continue to stan her. Ask yourself why did you choose to forgive every fucked up iggy has said/done but is hesitant to do the same for azealia? And i'm sure it is not because AB is less talented than iggy because AB is light years ahead of iggy, that's why kanye, beyonce, rihanna, gaga and many more artists wanted to work with her at some point. Ask yourself! You all forgave kanye west and his stupid opinions, and he, for some reason, is not canceled or get half the treatment black women in rap get. Maybe some of y'all love how misogynoire taste igs. You all still continue to support problematic male rappers like that xxx guy but god forbid a black female rapper get the same support when they have done nothing on the same level as he did. You all continue to cheer up and support bhad bhabie for being a caricature of what racist people think of black women. I guess her being white provides you with all the security you need, huh? You all still supported Cardi B after she confessed on herself for drugging and kidnapping men (criminal activities), you let her get away with it, you let her get away with everything her unfiltered problematic ass said on twitter as well even when they were MORE PROBLEMATIC than azealia, all because she's racially ambiguous and can always switch it up to be this spicy hot latina female rapper who collab's with bad bunny and j balvin and call it a fucking day, josé! I didn't see the bitch get canceled anywhere after all the shit she said on twitter unlike azealia, it is like everyone chooses to be blind to cosby b's bullshit including the media, but y'all are quick to tell visibly black women like nicki and azealia what they should say and how they should behave. The racism jumped out. The colorism is alive and thriving. The selective outrage and selective forgiveness have to stop because y'all (not you in particular, i mean the media) look like hypocrites. The society want to police dark skinned black women so bad and it is very obvious, it is in your face. The politics that governs Entertainment is a reflection of real life and you all need to be put to the game. Visibly Black women in rap only get heard/noticed when they sadly choose to play to "the angry black woman racial stereotype", this is the only way they can get noticed, because this is the only time white america would pay attention to them, that's why you will find them saying/doing outlandish shit in hopes anyone will pay attention to their art, and it is fucking sad it has to be this way for them, it is sad they have to feel left out by the society. Not to say that NM or AB aren't bad persons or anything, because they probably are, lbr, but the hypocrisy needed to be called out, either don't let anyone be trash or let everybody be trash.

    The lashings in this one video, OMG :rip:

  6. You said I replied Didn't say you were the one who did the bullying, never said that, but i said he did get bullied along with other people. Good decision tbh.
  7. He got bullied on twitter along with others. This is a fact not a lie. I don't know about the whole personal information leakage situation since it happened in a place i am not a member of, but i know elusive still kept his mod position after the whole IP thing with me, which was also a big breach of privacy, that's all i know of since i was directly involved. I guess you and indie have your personal reasons to hate him, that's y'all business, but i don't have any reason to hate on him personally. Keeping it real with you.
  8. Thank you so much, i appreciate it, yes as u said, everyone should be given room and a fair chance to grow from their mistakes, me, you, him, everyone. No one is perfect really. I'm so sorry you got bullied and i don't condone bullying others for entertainment, no one should be bullied, not me, not you, not him, no one, yes sometimes we all lose it bit, but i hope we all give each other room to grow and be humans. I won't address your drama with him as it is not my business and there are a lot of details i don't know about, but i hope you both agree to be at least cordial with each other or to ignore each other at least, i think you craig can do that now that you joined other 2 forums and you can have fun with new people (and AA) away from everything you both didn't agree with. Wish you the best of luck and for everyone to cool a bit.
  9. Stop playing the victim when things backfire on your face and don't go your way.
  10. Why? she's still human and she can still learn from her mistakes and grow from them, just like everyone else.
  11. Her not getting enough positive attention in her life is not our fault tbh. She needs to do something productive with the life she has been given instead of projecting her pain on others,
  12. Someone finna stand up to this miserable cyberbully and give her a taste of what she has been serving. I actually don't have a problem that she catfished or wtv, like fine, it's whatever, she's human, she made a mistake and i won't be the one to call her out on it quite frankly, BUT i do have a problem with her entitlement and her purposefully going out of her way every time to unnecessarily provoke others. It was not like anyone was attacking her or something, no one was even talking to her or mentioning her in this thread. She thinks she's entitled to bully others but then you look and wonder, where all this entitlement is coming from? where?
  13. Invested? Aren't you the one who made a whole ass server on discord just to drag members on this forum for their looks? Aren't you the one who drags people for their gender, sexuality, race and socioeconomic status like an angry cyberbully but go around and make a whole ass clown of yourself by using someone else's pictures just to feel entitled to put everyone down? You've got some nerve to be even telling others how to do things. You need to be on a therapist couch to unload all that shit you are having inside of you. Or maybe a treadmill. The choice is yours, dangerous woman. I'm not ashamed of my age by the way, at least i've done great things in my 20s that someone like you can only dream of; graduating from uni with excellence, having a thriving prestigious career in the pharmaceutical industry, etc.. you on the other hand live your 20s folding cargo shorts while hiding behind a bitch who fucked up her own face with plastic surgery, NOW that's fucking sad! That's enough attention for your ass today.