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  1. Missing you bro ! 

  2. I can't stand being around sexual predators like him. I feel unsafe around them because they normally have no morals whatsoever and you never know when you are going to be the next target. I should have trusted my gut instinct and went with it like i always do from the start, but all is good, 7 lives to go ig. I'm glad i have seen the light finally and the evil got exposed for everyone to see. I'm sure one day he will get further exposed and to finally be away from pop forums and the INTERNET as a whole. It is going to happen eventually. I'm also happy that the universe was on my side all the way to guide me through everything and to get to know people who showed me the truth about him today and nothing else.  You know yourselves. <3 


    Stay safe everyone and be aware of red flags about exploitative people. Also be extra protective of your personal information around them, this is your right as a human being online. Have your guard up and protect yourselves. Be selective of who you are being vulnerable with. Nothing wrong with keeping stuff to yourself and not to feel pressured to share the minute the other person shares something with you. You still have a choice about almost everything in this life. 


    Everything that happened was meant to happen. Check the timeline. 

    A lesson learned.  


  3. I guess the fucked up part is that he was very brave about it all. Like he went as far as using some of those pics in his profiles as a real person would (so that you would never have doubts about him being illegitimate). The RAT is never as dumb as some of y'all think. He's something.
  4. I don't even know how he got the nudes of the original vishal tho? ... I hope he didn't use someone else's pics to bait vishal himself. Once you're aware of his methodology you won't rest. HE DISGUST ME.
  5. I guess. I'm done with this shit. He will always be lurking somewhere, i can't stand it. It is people like him that make it hard for me to share things about myself. Like imagine finding out your pics are getting used as bait by someone like him.
  6. Yes. His end goal always revolves around having a minor good looking guys overshare with him off pop forums. Like he will have just enough of a superficial charm to lure them outside of pop forums. He's very predictable. Vishal seems to be a real person that has no idea of any of this going on. Pete used his pics just as a bait.
  7. And y'all act like this behavior isn't predatory? is this even normal? Obviously his end game is for members to share pics with him... I CAN'T with us letting him go this far unchecked... it was all in plain sight Someone need to tell the original guy to set his profile to "Private" or sth.
  8. Why would vishal (newbie) know pete (old banned member) and even invite him to a d*cord server randomly? PLS.
  9. I had too much caffeine, OMG! My CNS won't be happy for the rest of the day. 


  10. Same. What pisses me off THE MOST about him is that he always comes back.
  11. I don't use the S&R section so i am not aware of what happens in there, but it is weird he would use fake sexual pics to hunt members in here.
  12. Hold on a second. I think i have something for you mr.
  13. I think i bored him to death
  14. To be honest that was my initial feeling about him. I couldn't prove it though because when i did a reverse google images search nothing came up so i doubted myself, which is NEVER right.