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  1. Welcome to LEO season everybody 


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    2. Ahmed


      I stan scar :giggle:, mufasa's ass can choke for the segregation shit he tired to pass as normal. 

      Now that we got that part out of the way, i don't think i like the idea of having a near-realistic versions of LK's characters.

      Somebody's getting fired. 

    3. Opium


      tbh, it kinda kills the story... though I have yet tot see the movie before judging it

    4. Ahmed


      Same, i'm yet to see it, but i just don't like the idea at all 

  2. Liddos will have to deal with their fav doing anything and everything BUT serving the pop music they love. Good luck forcing yourselves to like things you can't even stomach.
  3. Maybe try to spell "license" right before you tell anyone anything. OT: The GP loves her music and supports it if numbers are anything to go by. It doesn't make any sense for the music not to be used in movies, commercials, and such. She's not an obscure artist whose music has no demand. What you're saying lacks logic, sorry.
  4. Is that why rih still has more monthly streams than fadga? Avon lady? Wellllll, Good luck with haus beauty, liddos. We will see how THAT will go.
  5. I'm not craig You stan for the queen of playback, madonna, and that's that on that.
  6. No one will remember that oscar of hers years from now except her resident rapid forum gays, lbr.. Now #1's? Those are forever and ever and ever
  7. only a LIDDO will say something like that She's not that hot as a solo artist, that's why her streaming numbers are atrocious.
  8. FADga didn't get it for her ACTING, so no. The GP show more care when an actress is getting it for her acting chops, not a singer who got it for a song. Now back to her solo singing career which shows she's a fad who needs external assistance all the time ...
  9. No one cares. They're both at the top of BB's GOAT female artists, FADga can't relate.
  10. Don't be argumentative for the sake of being argumentative. Madonna is known for using playback heavily in her performances, that's well known, so you shaming other artists for using playback makes you look like a confused hypocrite. She was never that great of a vocalist so check your female fav before coming for other people's female favs. That's all.
  11. Yes. That's why she's the best selling digital artist OF ALL TIME, that's also why she held the title for Most streamed female artist of all time on spotify (3x). Who is "no one"? YOU? LOL. If you knew anything more than those try-hard drags of yours you'd know that the demand is there for rih's music and the GP anticipates her music all the time. That's why she has 14#1's. More than any pop girl from her generation.
  12. This thread is not about mariah, stick to the topic bro. Yes, madonna is the queen of playback. It is not delusion, issa popular fact***.
  13. "It was a buzz-single" tea. Good luck with THAT tbh.