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  1. Hi I'd love to let you know that I'm taking a break from COP and i'm doing it because COP is no longer the place i can have my fun in anymore. Every time i log in there's some toxic drama going on and it started to get tiring, boring and redundant. Yes it didn't feel good to know what i know now about some of the members i had good relationships with, but i'm not going to blame them or anything because there's no need for it, i just hope they get better and to grow from their mistakes. We all make mistakes and we all grow by learning from them, i should know about this on a deeper level because that's what i'm about and it's the path i've chosen for myself professionally. So there's no way i'm not going to forgive others for their mistakes; it might take me some time but i eventually end up forgiving others (or removing people from my life if it is something that can not be forgiven). Racism, in particular, is a deal breaker for me, i can't stand it and i'm against giving airtime+platform to it. You will never see me arguing about who should be saying the N word or any other mainstream talking point that's related to race. We're in 2019 and everything should be clear to everybody, i know better and you, white person, should know better. If you don't want to be excluded from spaces then you should do enough work to be included. It is not a POC job to educate and explain shit to white people. We, POC, collectively, have had enough throughout history and some white people still refuse to take racism seriously even after lots of lives were lost because of racism. So yes, racism in 2019 is a conscious choice and as always choices do have con$equences. It would be cool if you can apologize for your racist actions without being pressured to do so, but just know that your work is far from over even after apologizing. Hell no. You should, as a white person, actively work to educate your fellow white people on racism and how everyone should be included, especially if you're responsible for an online diverse community. In 2019 diversity and all-inclusive equals $hmoney so you, as a white person, have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so get to work, what are you waiting for? As for @Dangerous Woman, well, i don't think you should leave, yes what you've done was disappointing to say the least but the one who got hurt the most was you, you've hid your true self for so long and that was enough punishment if you asked me, so stop hurting yourself even more, looks aren't everything in this world and you should stop attaching your worth to your looks. You are a good person underneath it all and we've all loved you for your events and what not. You're a valuable active member of COP and it is not fair to lose you this way. Obviously you'd need some time to balance everything and that's your business, but just know that you're a good person with a good heart. I've seen you empowering a lot of members in here so this tells me that you're growing up/maturing to be something great and i'm proud of you. It's a new era for you and be glad it happened. Now you get to be your authentic self and that's a win for you. My break starts from tomorrow.
  2. @Oh My Gaga it has 20 upvotes now, please add it.
  3. Good night everyone, thanks for the fun <3 

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      good night , bro <3 

  4. NOT @Dangerous Woman exposing COP as a closeted RuPOP forum. The power that she has
  5. Congratulations @Tana Mongeau I knew you'd shut shit down Also congratulations to all the other winners. That was so much fun @Dangerous Woman, thank you for hosting and persevering
  6. TBQFH. I will use this thread as receipts for when the actual conversation about this topic arises.
  7. One upvote left to get the elena badge tbh. COP knows quality music.
  8. So it is both of molly and max in the top 5? COP served TASTE yet again!