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  1. Racism lost, POC won



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    2. Ahmed


      A mortal man vs a religion that has been here since centuries ago and will continue to remain here whether anyone liked it or not? 

      Is this the best argument you could come up with? Not to mention you exposed your level of education and how culturally-ignorant you are by using POC and muslims interchangeably. Don't you know that not all POC are muslims? don't you know that muslims come in all shades including white? 

      WOW, truly too gemini to function! 

    3. PopCommentator


      Trigger me timbers sksksk

    4. Ahmed


      No need for it. At the end of the day you lost, i won and i dedicate my epic win to all the people you've wronged online! 

      Bye habibi! BXOE2K2.gif

  2. y16cbLO.gif

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    2. Ahmed


      @Opium Nnn, yes. Records are meant to be broken. 


    3. Opium


      tea !

    4. despy


      it makes me scream everytime i see it :rihwink:

  3. Personally i'd have acted like i've seen nothing and kept it moving w/o laughing, confrontation or any reaction.
  4. thot it was miss Molly in your avi nnn



    1. Ahmed


      Nnn, no @Opium, that's the bisexual afro-latina singer miss ariana grande. QKrj99v.gif

    2. Opium


      We stan an interracial queen :gaycat7:

  5. Welcome to LEO season everybody 


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    2. Ahmed


      Same, i'm yet to see it, but i just don't like the idea at all 

    3. crystalline bachelorette

      crystalline bachelorette

      stanning scar seems reductive

    4. Ahmed


      @crystalline bachelorette Stanning scar is CORRECT. Be the judge! 


  6. Liddos will have to deal with their fav doing anything and everything BUT serving the pop music they love. Good luck forcing yourselves to like things you can't even stomach.
  7. Maybe try to spell "license" right before you tell anyone anything. OT: The GP loves her music and supports it if numbers are anything to go by. It doesn't make any sense for the music not to be used in movies, commercials, and such. She's not an obscure artist whose music has no demand. What you're saying lacks logic, sorry.
  8. Is that why rih still has more monthly streams than fadga? Avon lady? Wellllll, Good luck with haus beauty, liddos. We will see how THAT will go.
  9. I'm not craig You stan for the queen of playback, madonna, and that's that on that.
  10. No one will remember that oscar of hers years from now except her resident rapid forum gays, lbr.. Now #1's? Those are forever and ever and ever
  11. only a LIDDO will say something like that She's not that hot as a solo artist, that's why her streaming numbers are atrocious.