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  1. Less stereotypes (please!!!!) More actual diversity and for the characters to contribute to the story, not for them to be there just to pass the diversity quota (i want diversity in races, body shapes, etc..) No need for sex scenes (unless it is essential for the story) The actors don't have to be LGBT, that is a slippery slope which i'm not here for + What everyone above me said Just try to normalize how LGBT people are represented. Like i just want to see everyone to be represented and to see themselves.
  2. you got snubbed for "most snubbed" we love consistency
  3. I voted for tana like 10 times ( nnn ) so i hope.. just hope..
  4. you. To see myself nominated with other members who held/hold actual positions of power in the forum should mean something and i'm thankful for it
  5. Not best infection getting the best looking trophy while he's banned lemme go to sleep, man
  6. My predictions: King of COP : oh my gaga Queen of COP: Drag me jonas
  7. Please wrap it up and hurry up @Oh My Gaga we been up for so long
  8. you more Yes, we should celebrate, all of my friends here won awards
  9. you but i highly doubt it. Me being nominated in prestigious categories was good enough tbh.
  10. So underrated he will sadly probably join avril and shmeur if he didn't start getting active....