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  1. You're right about that ONE. He's a PIECE of work.
  2. I don't 'hate' him because hating him would require me caring about him, which is not what i do when it comes to him. Basically he's the male azealia sans the talent.
  3. The german one signed up as @Lord Voldemort and got banned just after leaking @SJWextinguisher's nudes to the other forum and tried to paint the latter as a pedophile.
  4. I don't know the one from COP. I only know the one from FOTP.
  5. Yes. If 'salvatore' the Copper is from germany then it is a done deal. @SJWextinguisher get on it...
  6. The similarities are worth addressing. Both are named kevin. Both used 'salvatore' as a username Both stan lana del rey Hmmm
  7. I only know one person who had salvatore as his username and his real name was kevin. He was a Member in FOTP.
  8. To tell you how kevin is NOT adorable (with the bold parts and the emote!)
  9. Let me add you to my lambily list
  10. @Breakdown, @Treacherous Lovatic, @Ignacio, @black orchid, @Medoner, @mimibutterfly, @Proceed with Caution, @Mocha, @Ahmed, @Capricorn, @Swagga @MSL @eevee
  11. Mine are: 1. Portrait 2. Stay Long Love You 3. Caution What are YOURS?