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  1. Ahmed

    Random Thoughts

    Listening to (insert artist name)'s music doesn't make you (insert sexual orientation).
  2. Same. What we all have learned from this whole debacle is that if you have a problem with someone over something, or if you don't understand something, reach out and talk about it in private with them, either that or shut the fuck up and move on with your life.
  3. Of course. My holy trinity are " Te Quiero", "No Puedo Olvidarte" and "Tu Vecina".
  4. Not here for wasting 40+ minutes on those privileged air-heads. They should've solved their issues in private and spared us this toxic useless drama.
  5. Don't worry, i'm not a "one issue" type of person anyway. For you to call yourself "liberal", most of, not all, your views have to be on the liberal side of the spectrum. @#Justice4JamesCharles is a conservative and most of, if not not all, his views are on the conservative side. He's so conservative sometimes i have to double check to see if he's not actually from the middle east (because most arabs, regardless of religious views, are conservative). I kid you not.
  6. Interesting What are your views on gay marriage though (as a gay man yourself)? For it? against it? indifferent?
  7. This part doesn't make any sense. Share some of the AUS democratic liberal views on social topics so we can understand.
  8. Ahmed

    Random Thoughts

    Jeffree star's racist predatory ass needs to be canceled. Thank you.

    Eurovision song contest

    Luca Hänni is my 1st pick (Switzerland)

    Zena is my 2nd pick  (Belarus)

    Tamta is my 3rd pick (Cyprus)

    Michela is my 4th pick (Malta)

    Mahmood is my 5th pick (Italy)