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  1. Not to be that self-important bitch but sometimes I wonder if y'all's impressions of K-Pop fans has changed at all before and after knowing me. :parissalt: 

    Not that I'm here to give a good impression anyway bc nobody drags K-Pop fans more than I do!

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    2. jackgrande


      I didn’t really have an impression of k-pop fans apart from that there’s loads of them, but I still dislike the music :parissalt: you’re an actual legend though

    3. aahfeekiee


      to be fair @neonnights most k-pop fans are still like that; it takes a lot of filtering to surround yourself with good company, as is the case with western pop fans also. THankfully COP has thus far gotten more than our fair share of reasonable K-Pop fans :paris: lots of legends in one small site

    4. aahfeekiee


      I take what I can get @jackgrande but stream No More by f(x) bc Ariana truly missed out on the absolute fucking banger she deserved.