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  1. hnggg i'm on #13 on the charts this week without payola or cop games uwu

    i played majority wins but i wasn't tagged back so i'm not sure if my results were counted or not :trisha:

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    2. Ava Max

      Ava Max

      :demiwerk2: You ask a friend to give you upvotes, and in return give upvotes back 


      :scden: Or at least that's how I do it 


    3. aahfeekiee


      lmaoooo its like one of those follow trains ppl on twitter used to do in 2012... i can't be arsed tbh, guess i'm gonna stick to bringing quality unvoted content :wendydance: gonna get that underrated award this next show!

    4. Ava Max

      Ava Max

      :nickiunbothered: We stan