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    I didn't watch the OSCARS today but I woke up momentarily to say that @MISS CAMARADERIE LOST tonight! she wasted hours watching a GARBAGE awards show only for the artist she hates to WIN Best Original Song!


    a MOURNING today!  a minute of silence for our fallen soul! amen!

    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Gaga won, haters can stay mad :rihwave:

    2. the supreme

      the supreme

      I only watch music awards, others are just boring.

  2. the category i won last year isn't here this year! i end my hiatus just to take a new one!
  3. :entrance:

    a bitch is here, is everyone well?

  4. the one time i spent effort in making a new layout... :nydonut:

  5. britney: i love religion-

    badgallaura: me too jesus christ is my ginga 


  6. baby, who are you trying to fool? :tiara1: you can't pull wool over these eyes darling :dancega: boy, what do you taAAAKE ME FOR? :beybawl:

  7. hello sis i have a question, what is the aspect ratio and size limit for the COP header?

    1. laracroftonline
    2. aahfeekiee


      ok i found out the aspect ratio is 4:1 on desktop version, thanks anyway love!

    3. laracroftonline


      what theme do you use?

  8. New display pic, new signature, new me! 

    The girls from SunnyHill make me so happy and soft inside 


  9. I... found all the spare batteries for my phone I thought I lost... looks like I'm gonna be using this phone for a while more. :wendy13: we stan a 2 year old Android that works totally fine

  10. What did I miss on COP yesterday? :madgeappetit:

  11. k-pop idols acting dorky and dumb has been proven to work extremely well to make idol personas appeal to their core fanbase. 

    yet when DW acts stupid for our entertainment none of us like it. why? :sipsip:

    @junguwu @MISS CAMARADERIE @Diaboliq @TattoosOnMyMind @Tana Mongeau

    1. TattoosOnMyMind


      We don't stan for white whores. :jan1:


    2. junguwu


      There's a difference between harmless stupidity and toxic stupidity. DW is the latter.

  12. So apparently Bollywood mega-star and legend Priyanka Chopra, her husband used to do music? Like in a band for Disney channel and all :nydonut: it's no Bollywood career but like go off sis!! We stan :myjam:

  13. me pretending to be shocked when i drop down from the charts exactly one week after my first day of payola :rihgasp: