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  1. Hello Miss Pikachu! I ramble just as much as you do and I have to tone it down and slot some cute emotes every now and then to make myself sound less serious and adapt to the literacy level here Anyway it's great to have you here! ramble as much as you want to, I'll listen and ramble with you! Also, stan LOONA!
  2. the reddit servers are down so :entrance: hello heathens

  3. it was a separate instagram story. the evidence is there in the screen record - in both posts, it's a different grey bar progressing. you not being aware of or refusing to acknowledge hard evidence is not something you can hold Ariana or @Tattooed Heart accountable for.
  4. have you ever nearly stanned someone, and then they release music you really don't like?
  5. no it wasn't! when i click on a song I expect to hear just 1 (one) song. not a few separated unconnected segments trying to be 8 things at once! anyway express 999sus was in the same album and it's 500 times better
  6. What made you decide to not stan them? For my case it was G-Dragon. He's the brainchild behind BIGBANG's songwriting. BIGBANG got a pretty consistently good discography from 2008 onwards, and released some of their best music ever in 2012, so it made sense to stan the dude behind it, right? Then later in the year, after 4 good songs in a row for his group, he pulled a 180 and decided to release some trap music trash. Being an influential idol songwriter in Korea, not only did the song become commercially successful, but he also went to popularize trap music in K-Pop. Trap music becoming ubiquitous in K-Pop, combined with Girls' Generation making songwriting messy-clusterfuck-songwriting-for-the-sake-of-it trendy, was enough to send the quality of K-Pop songwriting plunging down and flatlining in the coming years, hence ending K-Pop's golden age in music. Anyway it appears that G-Dragon can still write a good song if he wants to, but often times he just doesn't feel like it. COP, what's your experience? How close were you to stanning? What made you decide otherwise? Are you glad you didn't end up stanning that person? Tell me about it!
  7. the idea of marriage isn't popular among millenials - the younger generations are starting to realize that they can still live a life that is happy and fulfilling without the need to commit, settle down and get married or whatever. add that to people (especially women and the lower income people, in particular) getting higher education, people now have priorities other than to get committed to someone. anyway as someone in a relationship, let me just say relationships take a lot of work, it's extra space in your mind to dedicate to your s/o; so i get why it's not for a lot of people our age. and about the proliferation of hookup culture, it's really because of social media and hookup apps making it much more convenient.
  8. I think so. But I'm not holding myself to any unattainable hyper-woke standard though. I'm just minding my own business trying to learn stuff about racial issues. I'm just as prone to making mistakes as the next guy.
  9. the physical one comes with the digital copy sis!! i downloaded mine in FLAC but they have other formats too!
  10. I've gone almost entirely vegan for extended periods of time. Now I'm lacto ovo veg when I'm cooking on my own, and I eat what everyone else eats in social settings. It's enough vitamin b12 intake this way. Might not completely transition to veganism, at least not till I'm much much older.
  11. I get the double standards she's trying to point out, but Do What U Want was released before popular media jumped on the woke bandwagon - before we were calling out sex offenders in our work environment on social media, before the #MeToo movement took off. It's hardly a fair comparison and five years is a lot of time to for any publication/website/blog to change - and if Gaga released DO What U Want today I'm certain she'd be called out just as much. Also despite anyone's moral convictions, Do What U Want is arguably a really good song, which, given the context of the article, is the premise of the appraisal she quoted. FEFE, on the other hand...