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  1. it's the end of a chapter here, but new beginning for all of us! I'm so thankful for how many friends I've made here and I'll never forget this site for all the its good and bad moments i'll see u all
  2. greetings so I've been hearing through the grapevine that there's been people asking about where I went and why I was gone after the COP drama that subsequently led to the creation of WOP. I can't find the posts, maybe some of them were in a discord server and others in a hidden or deleted posts, so let me just address some things here to whomever might come across this post. if you're not keen on reading huge chunks of text then feel free to go read something else! it's super duper cool with me anyway the main purpose of my online presence on my socials is to create engagement, across different topics I'm passionate about - like music, pop culture, ethnic cuisines, consumer technology and southeasian politics. it didn't matter if I got opinions I disagreed with, I just love having an open conversation on things. I love finding out what people's music tastes are like, why they like certain things in music, and what music I can recommend to them. I also love finding out how people arrive to the opinions they have today based on their thought process, the circumstances they were in and sources of information they had access to. anyone who has ever entertained me like that on COP I am so, so, so grateful for them. but I realized not long after being active here that I wasn't getting the level of engagement I wanted, especially relative to the other stuff that kept this forum afloat, like Battlegrounds and SYG - two things I personally didn't care for. I don't think of myself as some virtuous person for not liking those things, it just so happens to not be a thing that adds to my enjoyment. and after the forum branched off into WOP, it further divided an already small demographic into two communities way smaller than they were combined. [personal updates on me online] [personal updates on me irl] anyway I really don't blame anyone on COP for not making the most ideal environment for the engagements I was looking for, and to present it as that is very shortsighted. sure, there were many drama hungry members that made it difficult, but at the end of the day the very UI of forums in itself incentivizes neither high quality posts not constructive arguments. in any pop culture forum at all, the type of content I personally enjoy seeing is few and far in between, so it's unfair to paint it as a COP-specific issue. sure, from this point on we can try to promote a more positive culture that encourages people to say constructive things, but that's near impossible and will also alienate the majority who are just here to dish out on flops to escape irl problems. by the time anyone even comes close to achieving that goal, forums would already be largely surpassed by social media (mainly twitter and reddit) as the main means of pop culture discourse as this downward trend only continues. that's a responsibility i'm not willing to take, and an uphill slope i'm not willing to work against. there are so many people on here I really missed (i don't bother finding out what everyone's new handles are), even people I frequently argued with while I was still active. I had a good run of a few months here, but pop forums aren't something that makes me happy anymore. while it's unlikely that I'll come back here as an active member, I can always check back here once a month or every time someone sends me a topic where someone dramatically threatens to leave but doesn't. no hard feelings, yeah?
  3. I have a practicing license for audio engineering, and I help produce and master a lot of music for commercial work here in Singapore! I'm also a substitute guitarist for heavy metal bands for small gigs, and I've even gotten the chance to fly to the Europe to perform at a small music festival! Currently I'm practicing really hard over the fasting month, rehearsing for a fusion music festival in Singapore. I'm playing bass for a heavy metal x ska crossover performance, and then the liuqin for a chinese folk x industrial music crossover performance! I hope it turns out well!
  4. Carly Rae Jepsus will be hosting an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on the subreddit r/popheads! This is huge because the entire subreddit had to be created because r/indieheads wouldn't let people post about her so people made a new subreddit just to worship her! The AMA will take place on the day that Dedicated drops - May 17th, 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm PST. Be sure to come down and support the AMA! You can ask her any questions you'd like, but do think of what to ask beforehand, because there will be a lot of people also with burning questions to ask! If all this goes well, we might get more opportunities like this! source:
  5. I'm here for the implementation of this rule! sure, it won't stop people from actually being racist/transphobic/whatever in real life but hopefully it's going to make this forum feel a bit less hostile to minority groups who already have a hard time outside of this forum. Much love
  6. y'all have got to stop pulling off these strange, attention-seeking, manipulative stunts to test the "loyalty" of y'all's friends... ain't nobody gonna feel any obligation to be loyal to a LOON! pooja what is this deranged behavior???

    treat people with kindness, because it doesn't have to be this difficult to make and keep friends on the internet! :rihkiss: grow up!!!!

  7. you're back already? thought you were dead! I hope I get back the deposit on the casket amen

  8. Are you...back :britconfused:

    1. aahfeekiee


      every now and then! every time I get linked something on this site, I will leave a few nice comments :tiara2: i'm active on discord with some of the lil kpoppies here tho 


    I didn't watch the OSCARS today but I woke up momentarily to say that @MISS CAMARADERIE LOST tonight! she wasted hours watching a GARBAGE awards show only for the artist she hates to WIN Best Original Song!


    a MOURNING today!  a minute of silence for our fallen soul! amen!

    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Gaga won, haters can stay mad :rihwave:

    2. the supreme

      the supreme

      I only watch music awards, others are just boring.

  10. the category i won last year isn't here this year! i end my hiatus just to take a new one!
  11. :entrance:

    a bitch is here, is everyone well?

  12. I just want to promote my nugu faves and talk to all the friends I've made here. Leaving this place would be a shame but if I had to be categorized in the dichotomy of "totally agree with indie's choices" vs "joining a new forum" then the decision might really be inevitable
  13. the one time i spent effort in making a new layout... :nydonut:

  14. aahfeekiee

    The COP Room

    random question but what is yalls staple food?