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  1. I just want to promote my nugu faves and talk to all the friends I've made here. Leaving this place would be a shame but if I had to be categorized in the dichotomy of "totally agree with indie's choices" vs "joining a new forum" then the decision might really be inevitable
  2. the one time i spent effort in making a new layout... :nydonut:

  3. aahfeekiee

    The COP Room

    random question but what is yalls staple food?
  4. aahfeekiee

    The COP Room

    or spring, for the australian bitches
  5. aahfeekiee

    The COP Room

    it's just more convenient. i appreciate the tactile feel of a physical book, but sometimes i cant find a book at the library or i don't want to lug it around and risk losing it. things like communist literature are even banned in my country. but epubs of books are pretty easy to obtain online
  6. britney: i love religion-

    badgallaura: me too jesus christ is my ginga 


  7. here are some kpop examples bc thats just how i roll generally it puts me off when songs are anticlimactic like this, i appreciate a proper song structure and buildup in my pop music
  8. baby, who are you trying to fool? :tiara1: you can't pull wool over these eyes darling :dancega: boy, what do you taAAAKE ME FOR? :beybawl:

  9. But aren't booby flashes now more tolerated? I'd expect people to be way more forgiving if something like that happened today. Heck, people might conspire the whole thing to be staged for headlines. Also Janet's case seems to be unique to her bc rumour has it it was her label's CEO orchestrating her downfall bc of personal agendas.
  10. is woke twt really a big force tho? the only artists woke twt has successfully cancelled are the ones who literally drop dead rip xxxtesticle
  11. is this about born this way? i dont memorize chart placements and sales figures sorry
  12. so where do you draw the line? what defines good sales, acclaim, etc?
  13. but idk if you've noticed but generally the overton's window for what is generally considered offensive has shifted to minority identities - you can't say anything that marginalizes muslims, gays, women, people of color, persons with disabilities, transgender people, etc. but everything else is acceptable. you can pop a titty on stage, grind on inflatable sex toys, you can perform a song where half the words are vulgar. there's a LOT you can get away with pop music now after all this progress.
  14. what do you think will be different if someone else were to wear the meat dress in 2018? more backlash? or are people in 2018 more desensitized to it?
  15. i mean, one of them is dead. i'd hope britney doesn't replicate this performance again