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  1. britney jean >>>>>>> Glory. ive been on a britney binge for 3 months . Hate i never played this album due to her flop fans bit its amazing. I dont buy that maya marie shiot either its so her. also. she did THAT. Best post head shave performance by far. and we got the original choreographies!!! i loveeeeethis more than any performance after it. I also lovew gimme more vmas and circus gma all iconic performance. the rest can choke
  2. Im listenign to Madonnas discograpghy on shuffle right now and the Justify My Love MDNA studio version is playing right now and you want me to pause that for that? NO. come on baby.. u can fuck with me
  3. Madonnas but id didnt play the first one cause Madonna is not on it and Madonna is Madonna (bitch)
  4. facts. Janet cannot sing. whispering and having orgasms for an entire cd is NOT singing. Madonnas discography is just godly
  5. Hi MADONNABOYFRIEND! A big welcome to COP! The site can seem a bit intimidating at first, so check your inbox notifications for your welcome message! It contains a lot of important info! Hope to see you around the forums soon and don't forget to check back daily for new tea (or to spill your own!)