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  1. Used to love Shane Dawson, and I actually recently got back into him! Though Garett and Ryland are people I prefer not to see as much in his videos. I've always loved Jenna Marbles, I've been watching her videos every Thursday (cause the bitch ain't ever gonna upload on Wednesday lbr) for the past 4 years! I also got into Cristine from Simplynailogical like a month and a half ago, she's currently my favorite, only JUST beating out Jenna. Jeffree is also fun to watch, but only in small bursts. Also this guy John Maclean. LOVE him.
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    Nothing but the best for MY fave
  3. Jenna Marbles is much main bitch, she’s just one of th sweetest and funniest people I’ve ever watched. I used to also watch Shane, but I recently got back into his videos a bit. I also recently started watch Jeffree Star.
  4. Me too bitch, maybe I should try this whole Christian thing after all!
  5. Slay, I recently got into her music 9/10
  6. A choice. I may be a blind stan, but I still have ears.
  7. I just binged Glee like four months ago, and I LOVED it. Couldn’t stop, I actually watched it instead of study for my exams
  8. It’s Demi without a single doubt. I mean ‘Camila’ as an era has been bigger than any of Demi’s eras, but in no way can it compete with over a decade of consistent success, even if you include 5H for Camila.
  9. Of course I feel bad for the poor girl, but these memes got me gasping