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  1. I'm back to annoy y'all with another mashup. Send your thoughts and prayers here or on YouTube
  2. Wow it's really #1 on iTunes....rooting for this ballad to get success and acclaim
  3. Is it just me, or should this have been the first track/lead single released??? It has the vocals, lyrics, and production (especially the Michael Jackson sample!!!!!) to get people interested in the album. Like seriously, yesterday my sister and I were talking about music and stuff and I played this song for her and she said she got chills. And the gag is she's not a fan of Xtina's voice! She literally left my room singing "where-where is Maria". Long story short, if I was in control of the single rollout for this album, this would have been the lead with a bomb ass storyline-driven music video.
  4. Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me Miley Cyrus - Bangerz
  5. My wig went ddu-du off my head

  6. I hope they were fired. And Tattoo as a single = good taste
  7. She would have been THAT girl if she never released Chasing The Sun first
  8. So we're just harassing celebrities off social media aren't we? Smh

  9. Love Lies getting closer to top 30 and No Tears Left To Cry coming back for the top 10