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  1. I've fallen for a friend... :oprah3:

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    2. StopBeingObsessedWithMe


      Do you need a hand getting back up? How hard did you fall? Are you okay?

    3. PlacesByLeaMichele


      @Damita Jo - I'm actually sending him a message so it'll be over after today. @Craig - I've known them for a couple years and we met on an app similar to Tinder, so the intentions were to date but it never happened, we just stayed friends and he got into a relationship but he's been single for about a month now and there's always been this connection between us, we've flirted, sexually flirted too... We talk about other guys to each other and are genuinely friends. He's not someone that I actually hang out with a lot or speak to all the time until this weekend as a few of us went to Brighton for Pride and for my birthday and we shared a bed (nothing happened we just spooned and held hands), he looked after me and he gave me two small pecks on my neck as we were exiting the club. Then yesterday (on my actual birthday) we ended up kissing. At first I turned my head and said remember we can't do this and he replied "Fuck it" and kissed me.  I went back to his and we just cuddled and I loved it. I just really like being with him and his company.  The feelings were always there clearly, but they were elevated after these past days. It sucks so bad.

    4. StopBeingObsessedWithMe


      I'll reply through DM because I think that's the correct thing to do :heart:  

  2. This looks AWFUL. The disrespect to the original... The awful acting, the CGI... Yikes.
  3. And yet she's moved on, having two albums, two cancelled TV shows, a sold out tour and another follow up tour!
  4. Top 40 in the USA and UK when released is a top 40 album at the end of the day!
  5. Currently listening to one of the greatest Pop albums ever: Britney Jean <3 

    1. StopBeingObsessedWithMe


      You spelt Joanne wrong


  6. Didn't you leave us for North Korea? :greenface:

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    2. PlacesByLeaMichele


      Hahaha, I'm used to North Korea and stuff, so I doubt I'll ever think different 

    3. Avril Lavigne

      Avril Lavigne

      What do you find good about it? Also, how many WPs have you got?

    4. PlacesByLeaMichele


      The design, it's populated and almost everyone is familiar to me.  And I'm not sure. It'll take me 10 minutes to load my profile and I can't be bothered for that, aha. 

  7. Please don't expose my other name They know who they are
  8. Aw, this is so sweet! Now staying for you