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  1. So can Young Thug, Travis Scott, etc.
  2. Well. Perhaps you should not judge the people by their avatars and usernames next time.
  3. First of all, I am not even a fan of hers, but go on. Whatever makes you happy, I guess. Secondly so, I am the brand new user of the Church of Pop. So basically, I would love to be introduced better to it. No, I have never meant to cause the controversy here. Hell, you just shall not quote my post(s) next time. Alright?
  4. So why'd you have to go? --- Confessions Of A Broken Heart by Lindsay Lohan. My Turn: No Olympian, I got O's, though.
  5. She is frankly good at killing all the talent(s) in the pop music industry.
  6. I ain't no damn Taylor Swift fan. :jordanlaff:
  7. ...in a little bit of pain. - Erotica by Madonna. My turn: As much as you could vibe by, ah...
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    The A$AP Rocky way, you digg?
  9. Stop playing and just rate some Young Thug songs already. smh