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  1. Then... it was just conversation? Mariah is known to be a diva so would you really say "Yeah, you're not the only artist I've written with in the past." especially to an artist who takes pride in her songwriting? Either way, it's still not accurate because Diane Warren had been writing with other artists for 20 years before she first collaborated with Mariah.
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_written_by_Diane_Warren Mariah wrote with Diane Warren most recently in 2001, 1999 if you only count main album/solo efforts. Whether you believe Gaga co-wrote TIHTY with Diane Warren isn't really my concern, but you can't really compare Mariah talking about her experience writing with Diane almost 20 years ago with Gaga's lol.
  3. Not according to GP or critical acclaim. Poor you!
  4. Shameless payola was Drake plastered on literally every fucking playlist when Scorpion released. Sweet but Psycho is hot in Europe so the addition of it to the current hit playlists seem reasonable. It remains to be seen whether she'll turn out another bop or just be a one hit wonder
  5. It's a cute look, but it might be a little plain for performances or appearances, I think. Take care of your scalp kween
  6. Online soap businesswoman Azealia Banks has really seen better days!
  7. Queen wasn't really a good album. It has a LOT of filler on it and Nicki talks a lot about how she writes her own stuff, but she needs to focus on actually writing good raps. She's lost that fire, that hunger that made her snapT on her mixtapes and her famed Monster verse and she needs to re-discover it if she wants to rise again imo.
  8. This is an interesting read into the differences of Asian masculinity in the last few decades compared to before. The article posits that the kkonminam/flower boy aesthetic is a recent invention and that Asian masculinity was (and is) traditional masculinity. There are Korean fans who complain about the 'effeminacy' of Kpop idols, after all. It gets a bit conspiracy theory into the reasons for promoting the flower boy aesthetic, but it's still a worthwhile read. Personally it doesn't really matter to me because I'm not into Kpop and I'm not attracted to men in the least so
  9. The way Azealia Banks hasn't been committed to a psychiatric ward yet for being a sustained danger to herself and society
  10. Aaand The Vixen has just backpedaled, claiming that she was only trolling for her own amusement and that she just wasn't wowed by ASIB. teas!
  11. On the flip side, who exactly is being swayed by the interests and life of a mass murderer before they mass murdered? "Oh, this person killed 12 people, but he liked going to the gym and dancing by himself so I guess he isn't that bad after all." Nobody thinks that. Black and white thinking helps exactly nobody. In real life, killers and murderers aren't going to be Jason Voorhees or Leatherface - they're ordinary people. The main recount of a killer or a murderer were that they were quiet, not that they were shrieking with glee as they ripped apart a bunny. The reality is that anyone is capable of senseless violence. That scares some people, so they invent caricatures to feel safe.
  12. While Gaga has been advocating for LGBT rights and mental health awareness day one, The Vixen stans such shining examples like Kanye, Azealia Banks and Beyonce who is only political when it's convenient. Interesting!
  13. I'm not a 5H or Normani fan but she could absolutely GET IT in this suit.