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  1. April 19: Kanye announces release date and details of ye April 21: Tweets about Candace Owens, causes shitstorm September 23: Announces release date of Yandhi September 29: Appearance on SNL, talks dumb shit about slavery and causes another shitstorm Wow it's almost like he's a self-admitted narcissist who's willing to do anything for attention at the risk of alienating his wife and friends
  2. CollXtion II was a masterpiece! She's a mainstay in my playlists and I hate that the GP is paying her dust.
  3. Probably Lana. I've tried listening to her discography a few times and though her sound is unique, it is also completely one note. The production on her albums certainly differ but if you took the acappella from one track and added the beats of another track from another album to it I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.
  4. There's a lot of new music releasing this week so maybe not for a while, but it'll probably be like GLY, stay on the charts for a long time and eventually hit #1
  5. Even if it's a joke it's still a gross thing to say, especially to the general public.
  6. So not just regular, garden-variety witchcraft you can get at the supermarket - Beyonce is practicing EXTREME WITCHCRAFT. Ugh, her mind, her POWER.
  7. Joanne has a really consistent sound and theme, and its first half is full of bops so I can't hate it. Artpop arguably has higher peaks (G.U.Y., Sex Dreams) but shits the bed with tracks like Fashion!.
  8. Let's not forget the 95% chance Gagz had to win an Oscar for TIHTY. I'll love for her to sweep Oscars for her first try, but I wouldn't get too confident just yet.
  9. We love a successful woman of many talents!
  10. I read something like Cardi lost both fights she had on L&HH and now she lost this one too lmao
  11. This is probably what happened. Nicki is probably somewhat pressed about Cardi, but blocking her only on Twitter is symbolic at best. If there's any news of Nicki blocking Cardi on IG then this might be more substantive.
  12. Hi Acidus! A big welcome to COP! The site can seem a bit intimidating at first, so check your inbox notifications for your welcome message! It contains a lot of important info! Hope to see you around the forums soon and don't forget to check back daily for new tea (or to spill your own!)