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  1. Happy 20th anniversary Britney!! Can't believe she's been doing this for 20 years now!! We all have been through so much.
  2. She's burning bright like a star right now but I wonder how long until complete oversaturation and everyone will turn on her. I also wonder if it's a single off her album or a deluxe packaging or if she's just a feature.
  3. Oh yes. There's so many comments on her videos and others videos that show her where people (mainly men) ask if she's trans because they seek her slighlty sunken cheeks and strong jaw. It's so rude.
  4. I like almost all the tracks but it's too sonically inconsistent for me to say that.
  5. Yrd. Though people give her too much cramp about her sharp jawline.
  6. Why do I feel like this will be a huge comeback moment for her and will shape music for the next few years if this goes well?
  7. She is so needlessly pretty. It's not even fair.
  8. I'm not a huge fan of Rihanna but isn't she the one that made DJxSinger collabs popular? That's an impact isn't it?
  9. I'm here for it. You know why? Because Rihanna is considered the coolest woman in the world. Whatever she does, other will follow because she always has hits. Maybe she could turn the tides of the slump that music has entered this latter half of the decade.