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  1. Good afternoon gorls. :wendyw:

  2. If she’s learn to keep we mouth closed and stop being an idiot on Twitter we’d still have the show. Roseanne being goddamn Roseanne.
  3. Ugh unfortunately. I hate this dumb college town. Most of them who were being awful ended up on Grindr looking for their dick sucked and I always LAUGH
  4. It is now cuz my hands get sweaty and I find it cuter than actual hand holding. Those sweaty palms are just but starting out it was terrible due to awful college kids and old gross men. Midwest is not the tea most the time, especially it’s the gays
  5. Eh I got stared out and yelled at last time I attempted full on hand holding cuz the Midwest doesn’t know how to act right
  6. I don’t hold hands, I do this whole holding pinkies together. So I guess it’s a yes for me.
  7. You’re not wrong there! Lmao if she doesn’t wanna be cancelled she best watch it
  8. Yes! You better stan this bop! I was listening to this so much last summer.
  9. Gaming mostly except when there’s a dry spell. I also TRY to write but I suck so bad at keeping the story going. I usually just play with my dog and chill with him. I’m pretty lame
  10. I love all of them! Always hard at work making cop the best it can be
  11. Not THE best but it’s up there.
  12. I thought it was hilarious at first but now I just ignore it. He doesn’t rap about much and I feel like it’s just for the money and parties and all of that. I enjoyed him before the music tho.