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  1. It’s not her best tbh but I listen to it here and there.
  2. She’ll fall soon enough with her social media antics but the album so idk.
  3. Lol no. Not even that could redeem it. Maybe leave off a certain rapper collab and not changed Dope into what it currently is.
  4. ARTPOP is not even close to best. She could have done better.
  5. Imma get dragged but Ariana. Love the girl to death and TUN is amazing but I can live without her.
  6. Okay THANK YOU! It’s like no one knows what Italians look like with tans.
  7. Well this is definitely Katy Perry. I’m not impressed really but she looks beautiful as ever.
  8. Mess. I’m such a flop. It’s been so long since I’ve played this
  9. I love love LOVE her voice but I just cannot get into her music for some reason..
  10. imagine - 15 needy - 15 NASA - 15 bloodline - 15 fake smile - 15 bad idea - 15 make up - 14 ghostin - 17 in my head - 15 7 rings - 15 thank u, next - 14  break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored - 15