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  1. Stevie Nicks is a big mood today. :fentybeauty:

  2. I tried not to dislike Alyssa after that but never focused on her much afterwards any way. I absolutely agree, Paige was alright but it didn’t feel right. I’m glad they eventually just focused on piper in the end tbh.
  3. Up until she goddamn DIED. I loved Prue except she was a hot headed idiot sometimes. Piper will always ALWAYS be my favorite but Prue was my bitch for 3 seasons, hell I use to imagine myself as her. She was THAT bitch.
  4. I’ve watched every single episode of the original charmed. That show was everything to me growing up.
  5. I agree. It was very hard to stay a fan during that period because them stans were vicious.
  6. Oh I am not afraid to drag her for this but I agree. She can be very petty with stuff and she doesn’t have a great record of proving us wrong but I think the Katy stuff is over.
  7. I’m just glad the bad blood is done and over with.
  8. Don’t pay them any mind. I have a couple straight friends. You don’t have to be gay to like certain things. As far as I’m concerned there is no exclusive bullshit with us. Pop music and stan stuff is for EVERYONE not just the LGBTQ so don’t worry too much but definitely ask them to stop or explain to them that it may seem like it but you are NOT bi.
  9. I just watched this video a couple days ago but do you honestly think this will do anything to her career? I don’t have high hopes for Money but I don’t thunk this a career stopper because certain other artist have done the same thing and still won.
  10. I’m not dragging Britney. What happened with her imagine I always believed to have been the label working against her. It would have worked but it wasn’t the right time to do it. Rihanna has several songs I know plenty of people get nostalgic over but again that’s just my opinion.
  11. Rihanna did the bad girl the best. I’ve not seen any pop star transition like that easily. Miley went through hell when she tried. Bu this is the tea.
  12. Yesss! I was just rapping along to it at work. I loved Nicki during this time the MOST!