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  1. With all major players being left out of Best Rap Album there is a big possiblity that Cardi B can win that category. Her only threat is Travis Scott.
  2. Sis what happened to you?

  3. Hopefully it’s remix of some type so that it can sold and stream as a stand alone single like Bad Blood. The original will perform horribly on streaming. Give us a witch theme Halloween video!
  4. A fear of mines is being buried and for that reason I wanna be cremated. We don’t know what happens or what we feel when we’re dead but I definitely don’t wanna be inside a coffin to find out.
  5. Not everyone can get a number 1 as a feature, some have tired 38474 # of times.
  6. Why would she post this video? He is acting high and looks it
  7. Nicki literally called out Miley Cyrus on a televise award show to fight and called her a Bitch while doing so on live television but now Nicki stans are playing she was in a A list event card . Nicki only acts bold towards white woman.
  8. No Khalid lead has ever reached the top 10, his only top 10 is 1800.