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  1. So why are ya (especially you) constantly ganging up on me and telling bias mods to discipline me in my Nicki bashing or Ariana bashing interesting that when I told @Breakdown and @ReprehensibleRoach about the bias mods (2 in particular) those 2 avoid me at all costs and don’t target me anymore perhaps because I was advise to contact the global mods on them for their bias towards me.
  2. I didn’t get a welcome by no mods all tho Repre is the only one that defends me against the bias mods on this site (Your not bias towards me)
  3. Her look last night was tragic she can be such a hot girl if she dressed the part. Her blue dress, her pale white skin and her hair were tragic last night
  4. Also... Nicki’s score is illegitimate because the reviews were prior to Fefe being included onto the album. Fefe most definitely would of brought the score down if it was part the reviews when the album was release.
  5. Because IOP is a legitimate number 1 album that produced 2 #1 singles and she didn’t need to include the collaborations she is feature on to do it.
  6. Camila was seen with everyone. Why Ariana have very little no interactions? Because she was attached to the hip with the toxic energy Nicki?
  7. These 2 are very compareable in many aspects especially their Twitter fingers. - Trump is constantly tweeting how people are trying to belittle his Presidency and how the media spreads fake news creating a mistrust towards the media. - Nicki is constantly tweeting how she is a victim of the music industry and now she is attempting to create a mistrust towards Spotify, Billboard, HDD, etc Whose Twitter account is more worse?
  8. Unfortunately she doesn’t have any material out to hop on this award wins momentum and yes I know about Real Friends and it was dead on arrival.
  9. It was never Ariana’s to win because NTLTC was a non event at least Havana had somewhat of a significance. If we wanna be honest This Is America or Finesse are the true videos of the year and for different reasons.
  10. Artist of the Year and Video of The Year I’am impressed!
  11. The video with actual significance in Pop culture this year won, I tired to tell ya but Ariana’s hype had me fool
  12. Camila a VOTY winner among the legends. Ariana could never.
  13. I thought it was Taylor during 1989 who put streaming to the forefront when she pulled her music from Spotify and Apple which triggered changes?