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  1. R2S Music Wars Rebirth (1) the only two free ones I know of
  2. It’s shaping up to be cute tbh. I think Music Vids and Streaming might be factored with this update but we won’t know till tomorrow. My problem with R2S is the albums. Like the chart run for them are totally unrealistic and it ruins the game for me. What do you think?
  3. The rich list is a slay to me. i am perched for tomorrow though. We’ll finally hear about the airplay system. thank the gods.
  4. you didn’t lie. I’ve been trying to get back into this game for the longest but it’s just too unrealistic for me in some aspects. Just 3 days into the dev diary and I’m sitting here praying that Friday comes ASAP. The update is gonna give us gays everything we want. UGHHH I can’t wait!!
  5. Oh my god. I had no idea that this thread existed. The Music Wars update is looking fire.. problem is that it’s a DLC update and a seperate free update. With that being said, get your coins ready for Friday. It’s $5 I think.....
  6. Not really. You do know that Cumila has a large gay fanbase right? The only way they would’ve lost is if were a rapper or something.
  7. The fact that I stayed woke after Camila won Artist of the Year only to see her win Video of the Year. I should’ve gone to bed after the GIAW performance, honestly.
  8. This show is kinda a joke now. Post Malone with SOTY, now Camila (who I stan) winning Artist of The Year. this ain’t it
  9. Omg. This tea. Back in the YT days, her breathe control was in the pits. We love improvement....
  10. @MSLyou clearly have never heard any of Ari’s music and the things you’re saying in this thread in general ain’t cute. Please stop.
  11. Yeah, no. They don’t sound alike at all. Do you mean lyrical content, cause if so, I guess you’re right....
  12. Perched for the GIAW performance at the VMAs.


  13. That seating arrangement for the VMAs.......the shade of it all....