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  1. @SJWextinguishercan you take the content restriction thing off of me plz
  2. Thank you so much for hosting the megarate!!!! It was shocking but really fun @jackgrande :heart:

    1. jackgrande


      Thankyou so much for coming! It was messy but so fun :beybawl:

  3. Imagine Raindrops ranking higher than Better Off. I’m salty as hell about iT. :saladga:

  4. I’m team GIAW now jealousy is a disease..........
  5. Hopefully no tears will be out next
  6. While we wait, redeem yourselves and stream it since y’all let the masterpiece flop in this megarate
  7. COME ON GIAW get that top 3
  8. You know what...... @Tattooed Heart