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  1. Wowww... There are some points you just have made
  2. This is... Beyond my expectations She didn't come to play... The song is a masterpiece: it's deep, chilly, strong, sexy... Plus the hip hop influence will definitely help her on Spotify US!!! The mv is maybe the best one i've seen in a very long time she used to served messy to cute videos... Now she's snapping!!! And the fact Madonna is in it (somehow).... Now it's up to GP She has EVERYTHING to get a hit, a REAL IMPACT and maybe a classic with GIAW!!!!
  3. I hope she will bring the bangers this time 'Camila' is a great debut but it misses some uptempo bops... Hope she will give us what we need on CC2
  4. Lemme Take You There You Got It All 1998ney always gets directly to me heart She sounded so pure, so honest, so joyful...
  5. Can't believe he did THAT This is amazing... Like Attention on steroids The way he changes the key on the different choruses... Mariah is shooook!!!!
  6. I would post #StreamIntoYou on his Twitter account
  7. Still snatched by it Sweetener who?
  8. Nicki's "Bed" I think it will be my song of the summer
  9. God Appétit deserved Despacito's success
  10. Definitely!!! Luckily it's very likely this song is just a UFO on the album You know the kind that isn't really polish but brings "something" to the table The only thing i really "hate" is the chorus i mean the songs keeps on growing and... No big vocal moment, no adlibs...
  11. Savan liked a lot of posts about this song so it is!!!! Apparently she said the album has no pure ballad i'm a bit sad cause she worked with queen Diane Warren, she could have had a biiiiiiiig vocal ballad moment So the album is more likely to be fully dance-y?!? I don't h8 that idea either...
  12. This song definitely gets better after a few listens but it's still not the tea it's kinda frustrating cause it's just some little points that make the all thing underwhelming. Just remove the sample , add a better chorus and ISSA MAJOR BOP!!! I will wait a bit before judging Pharrell... I never was excited about him being on that project, the last great song he made for a pop girl was like 84 years ago... But maybe we will surprised?