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  1. Prism!!!! 2 monster hits, 3 flops
  2. I prefer Hold It Again Me... The chorus is so atmospheric and ethereal
  3. Ariana Grande - "Into The Clouds" 1. Moonlight 2. Imagine 3. Breathin' 4. Touch It 5. Daydreamin' 6. NASA 7. In My Head 8. Goodnight N Go 9. Only 1 10. Love Me Harder 11. Thinkin' Bout You 12. Ghosthin
  4. Bad Idea, Girlfriend and Ghosthin' (or Needy)
  5. Her ballad do: Moonlight, Needy, Ghostin.... I think it comes from her diva vocals and the soul influences that make most of us think of the 50's/60's Xmas tunes (Sinatra, Ronettes....)
  6. This is a very good surprise!!! Ariana kinda lost me lately after a very underwhelming Sweetener (maybe the biggest music disappointment of my life) and two meh singles... The album has an amazing flow; there are pratically no skips... Everything feels cohesive. The production sounds nailed and crafted, the melodies are really catchy... The higlights are not as strong as the ones she used to make BUT it ain't no big deal cause the whole album is good. I was scalped by "Bad Idea"!!!! I needed a big pop banger and she gave it to me
  7. I think it's nice. I prefers the pink border tho... It matches better the tones of the pic.
  8. There are some points you have made: Ariana basically follows trends and have yet to define her own style... Just like JLo. I just hope she will eventually come with something more genuine... NTLTC felt that way but now i feel like she has no real artistic direction.
  9. I'm really happy Ari is successful right now... But musically and artistically this is not it for me. This is really basic and reductive. I think this is really surprising she came up with that style after everything she went through last year. That being said, i hope she will come with better ideas next.
  10. Still positively shook by this album i can't believe there are 18 tracks and NO SINGLE BAD SONG AMONG THEM.
  11. Wooow... They are really blessing the gays with that album I knew it would be good but it's even better than what I expected: it's super cohesive, catchy, serving bops after bops, different from current pop music (that boring trap trend).... Some songs are weaker but nothing is bad actually My faves: wooow i can't choose... Woman's World, Strip, Wasabi, Forget You Not, Notice, Think About Us, The Cure... Their best album and the album of the year. PeriodT.
  12. Impressive!!! Can't believe she had this with a surprise, not radio ready single Hopefully it won't have a huge fall next week tho
  13. They sold 45,000,000 records WW. They are the only UK girl group to have their first 3 albums debut in the Top 20 of the Billboard 200. They also have the most VEVO Certified girl group of all time... And Glory Days' first week was the best start for a girl band this decade.... Not bad for a local band.
  14. I'm obsessed with Joan Of Arc It has a RuPaul's Drag Race vibe I really like That song + WLM and the wig snatching Notice are among my favorite songs from them This could be my favorite album of the year and also my favorite ever from those queens!!!