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  1. This!!! YT is my favorite album from her so i'm not anti R&B (plus all her urban leaning songs on ME and DW were amazing) the problem (to me at least) is the production and the "flatness" of the melodies.
  2. Sweetener: 1. NTLTC 2. GIAW 3. Everytime 4. Breathin 5. Goodnight N Go Ep of the decade The rest can remain unreleased
  3. I'm a huge Ariana stan, I tried very hard to appreciate Sweetener but.... It's still the biggest music disappointment of my life I feel like the songs aren't finished, mostly Pharrell's stuff... There all start in a great way but it always misses a little push So I enjoy some, but never fully stan. Sweetener kinda matches Ari's 2018 state of mind: honest but monotous and colorless. Thoughts?
  4. 4 songs by Cashmere Cat 4 songs by Max Martin and/or his team 4 songs by Tommy 0 song by Pharrell Wooow that would be an amazing album
  5. I lke it!!! It's quite funny it's hated cause it's the song that come closest to what we usually expect from Ari. I had a little trauma when i first the album, the others play weren't good to me... Right now i feel like the album has grown a bit and i think i will enjoy it at the end. Sometimes i wish i didn't only stan basic pop music
  6. It is... The way she sings on the chorus definitely inspired the contemporary rnb
  7. Wooow... Can't believe Camila has so many great unreleased songs She needs to come for blood with CC2!!!!!
  8. This album is maybe the biggest disappointment of my life I tried once, twice, a third time... I just can't!!! The songs feel unfinished, badly mixed.. No big chorus, no iconic ad libs... I didn't mind a more urban leaning sound, but this one isn't the finest premium tea. I don't even fully enjoy "Breathin" cause i know this is her least favorite song!!!! I've die hard stanned Ariana for 4 years, i loved every album until this one... Now i just want to say goodnight and go.
  9. Actually Successful wasn't played for some reasons...
  10. He looks as good as me when i stay at home King of making me feel hot
  11. The snippets are short. I had mixed feeling at first but the production sounds really interesting, more urban leaning... Can't wait to fully hear that And YAAAAAS at the fact there is another Into You on the album This is what we deserve!!!!
  12. ... And I thought under-3-minute-tracks were over in 2018 I'm always frustrating when it happens... I'm afraid there are no amazing middle-8 (or just a few)
  13. I picture Borderline like a dance-urban bawp already Ican be wrong but artists always ask Missy to be on that specific kind of songs so...
  14. Still hard to imagine she has a new album comin' next week I need some press review to get me excited Which songs will be gaypop bangers, in your opinion?
  15. King did that... Releasing 5 fillers in a row.. Not bad for a new coming indie act