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  1. We all know that's Ariana!!! Let's not be delusional
  2. Clean Bandit - "Solo" (feat. Demi Lovato) This is amazing... That chorus is f**king catchy!!!
  3. This is just a coincidence i'm sure (right? )
  4. First the super poppy "No Excuses" then the major bawp "Can't Dance" and finally the synthy "Let You Be Right" ... Is she giving us what we deserve this era?
  5. Perched!!!! It's a Pharrell song? Can't wait to see what kind of song he brought to Ari!!!!
  6. She must be really bored tonight Can't wait for those bops that will only come out in 3 months
  7. It's just called Bloom OT @Nicki Minaj should fix it
  8. This is a reach!!!! Even more when you quote Selena has an example of versatility... Ariana has so many influences and brings new ones to each album... Just check "No Tears Left To Cry" that sounds like nothing she had done yet, that was the same for "Dangerous Woman" that suprised bitch everyone back then...
  9. I started stanning Britney hard after 'Blackout'.... Then each of her following albums didn't help me to keep my stanning card
  10. It could have been good but that rapper ruins everything!!! Also the chorus isn't the tea
  11. They need to find something to drag her : - no rapper rental - no tragic vocals - no bad music (cause haters know the song is good) - no tankus situation So they needed to come up with anything They can't admit she's perfect
  12. I think BL has better highs (Shavering Gold, Bitches, shedontknowbutsheknows...) but it has also so many fillers. Lady Wood doesn't have a single one...