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  1. Oh wow oh wow oh wow! I came back on time for the kii’s It seems
  2. Judging by that thing that’s in your avi it’s for sure clear that you have witnessed way more embarrassing and immoral things hunny!
  3. Hiiiiiiii!! I feel like I’ve missed so much around here! Is our best friend, the ultimate Nicki hater and owner of this kingdom still around?? I’m shocked he didn’t pop in here to kii lol
  4. Why? Hiiii, it's your favorite messy boots, and I'm backkkk Not Money, and Please Me being lukewarm and no one caring, oh wow! Is she a flop now?
  5. The same way Cardi is tied by love and blood to that cheating homophobic trash husband of hers. sorry you lose by yourown logic as well.
  6. That picture of Nicki is edited btw, you can clearly see that when you zoom in. Poor y’all having to resort to that
  7. Wait what stories? What are the new ones? I’m curious please
  8. Cardi is just a goofy character to me like for some reason I just see her big nose and her nasty laugh whenever I see her, not sexy or hot in any way to me. Nicki has always been sexualized and has genuinely a gorgeous face and features. She wins.
  9. This hasn’t even been confirmed you’re one sad ass individual, Marc Anthony is a respected artist and Pitbull has plenty to his resume. She does music for fun and large coins, imagine having a stick up your ass about that
  10. Not this junk that’s for sure, only brain dead idiots would claim any of this recent trash “rap” music is anything good. Sorry
  11. Lmfaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopoooooo omgerd! You DID that! Yassssss you dragged! Slay