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  1. Already repeating flows just a year in And some of you really think she’ll come close to lasting 10 years like Nicki? I have to laugh
  2. If you don't love me at my You don't deserve me at my
  3. omg youre a mod jfldsfsd; hi queen (available August 10th preorder now)
  4. I stan kesha so i better not or im calling the police.
  5. I'll start! Natalia If you don't love me at my you don't deserve me at my Nicki If you don't love me at my You dont deserve me at my Kesha If you don't love me at my You dont deserve me at my
  6. This was a meemee on twitters a while ago, here are a couple examples: Post some for your fave pop girls.
  7. Perfect Illusion. People were sooo hyped for her album and she releases that uglee? Then again the whole album was garbage so it’s not she really had much better options for lead.
  8. Imagine actually seething because a successful talented and acclaimed multimillionaire you don’t even know personally doesn’t have a #1. Its not that serious, if anything you’re the one that’s seething and it shows with the daily trolling Nicki threads
  9. Bitch ain't comin' off the bench While I'm comin' off the court fully drenched