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  1. The opression olympics lmao Women in first world countries have every single right that men have, are favored in court when it comes to custody and get less time than a man for comitting the same crime. And thats all because they are women. Gay people are still killed for being gay and can't even get married in most countries. It's not a competition... but if it was women definitely wouldn't win the most opressed group award
  2. She is still at it? Nicki is such a LOSER. Like I just can't with her at this point. She is so threatened by Cardi like there can't be more than two female rappers co existing. Tragic.
  3. No one with more than 2 brain cells would hate an entire gender because of some bad men.
  4. It has open registrations, not like some other forums
  5. It's not about the size, it's how you use it
  6. But for real now... what mature person has a meltdown over a number 2 album????
  7. One part of me feels embarrassed for her and the other wants her to keep going cause it's funny as hell + she could spill some tea
  8. So NTLTC won? My second choice came thru. TALENT WON
  9. I heard that Lady Gaga used to be a backup dancer who MURDERED a rising pop star and stole her identity