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  1. You argue with ONE rat and suddenly a whole herd comes out of nowhere. And the fact the vote BTS hashtag already has over 80M votes? Tragic
  2. Kesha gets sexually assaulted and now we're supposed to pretend that she's more talented than she really is? Kesha is obviously talented but enough with this delusion
  3. JLo the queen of stealing, whew. another title in the basket!
  4. The lies you tell JLO outsang, outdanced, outacted, outsold, outpeaked, outlegendied, outeverythinged. Plus she has a lot of features with the Latin King MR WORLDWIDE also known as Pitbull. JLo wins
  5. Divide by Ed is actually a great album and deserved to sell over 6M pure copies ww. Y'all only hate on him because it's cool to do so. Ps: Supermarket Flowers makes me cry everytime
  6. The way Échame La Culpa was treated was a mess. They didn't even send it to US radios. And they only recently sent it to UK radios. A MESS!!!! But No Promises was successful so we'll see
  7. I hope a miracle (meaning lots of payola, spotify deals) happens and Fall in Line goes number one As for the other song, it will be a smash in Europe. Once it comes out it's over for One Kiss