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  1. Making what is meant to be Cardi's moment all about Nicki
  2. SNS definitely had more longevity but LWYMMD wins on a global scale, both were smashes
  3. LWYMMD completely wins on a worldwide scale LWYMMD is ; 3x platinum in the USA (so is SNS) platinum in the UK (so is SNS) however LWYMMD is 2x platinum in Sweden (SNS is uncertified) gold in Spain (SNS is uncertified) gold in Germany and France (SNS uncertified in both) Diamond in Brazil (SNS is uncertified but that might be an error) gold in Belgium (SNS is uncertified) the only place where SNS has certifications where LWYMMD doesnt is Denmark and Mexico Also, whilst you have made a lovely OP, you have missed out the critical element of promotion in the USA where SNS trumps LWYMMD by a green mile. So, gonna have to go with the NUMBER ONE SMASH Look What You Made Me Do
  4. Taking back all SZA slander after re listening to her discography, she really does have some snaps Julia Warm Winds Supermodel Pretty Little Birds WHEW
  5. How can you be so mad over someone you have never met is just not fathomable to me
  6. Pretty sure Sangria Wine charted on the Hot 100 and DSYLM didn’t, choose your battles wisely
  7. It’s no NTLTC but it kinda bumps Yo Ariana come lemme give you a high five
  8. Just realised Charlegend XCX is playing to a stadium full of people every night for the next few weeks, people really thought she would fade after Boom Clap URGH her staying power is unmatched
  9. One Kiss by Dua Lupiss is kinda song of the summer, I might have to re apply for a stan card if she keeps serving
  10. Amino

    Madison Beer

    M A D I S O N / E L L E / B E E R - 19 years old. - Rose to fame after Justin Bieber posted a clip of her singing at age 13. - She released her debut EP 'As She Pleases' in 2018 and embarked on the sold out European and American 'As She Pleases Tour' Listen to 'As She Pleases' below!
  11. Call Me By Your Godney was beautifully shot but the actual movie was shit (storyline was non existent and if it was there it didn't develop, included the peach scene just to be 'edgy XD' and to shock)