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  1. They’re probably ecstatic That sub was literally created to worship her
  2. I grew up watching looney toons but they didn’t air the racist episodes. Tho they did show bugs kissing people which would probably cause some sort of uproar on social media if it aired today, Im not sure
  3. I’m actually happy they got it together and banned all the racist cartoons. Iv seen some compilations on youtube and it’s a bloodbath
  4. The fact that the face of such a massive brand used to be so blatantly racist What's more surprising is he wasn't the product of some small INDIE company, but Warner f*****g Bros And this doesn't even mention his rapey behavior towards other cartoon characters like Elmer Fadd, unwillingly kissing and fondling him in certain episodes, sometimes while he was asleep
  5. Cuz I’m taking a break from here and i have exams coming up
  6. Happy birthday to one of the best members
  7. Mariah has a 4 part shade throwing compilation on youtube so her
  8. 367 or 368 if you count Rainbows answer answer 80 this round
  9. AnaLitta kinda released the best latin album of 2019 :praisejesus:


  10. Drop Mooriah while you’re at it and get into nubian queen legendARI