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  1. Why was I even nominated poor KOQ, a misunderstood legend! Goodnight cop
  2. Can we do stalest tea already i need to leave
  3. Right 99% of COP aren’t eligible for those
  4. We love a religious icon. Can’t wait for ha to debut a hijab for next years grammys
  5. Your whole profile is a transphobia shrine sus
  6. I had no idea Blue was a girl! I knew she was too nice to be a gay
  7. It’s true tho He always makes the best hit threads Youre useful for a quick bill pay/ad payola tho
  8. Cut him a check. If not for him this place would be a graveyard
  9. Brain cancer? Well that’s one way to get rid of you
  10. Elusive deserved most overrated tbh. Stale, not funny and try hard af. Somebody lied to ha several times when she thought she was a good troll
  11. I can’t say anything to your face cuz look at you face Iconic lyrics by miss Taylord
  12. Congrats sis All our girls SERVED in the pic thread tbh
  13. Indie thinking he’s clocking with his playground shade congrats BB