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  1. Glad ME!sterpiece is finally getting the recognition it deserves It will ultimately stand the test of time alongside cornelia street and heartbreak prince
  2. For me it was never a sexual thing, more of a term of endearment l. Im only into big black and brown dicks anyway so it was definitely not my intent.
  3. I only said miss craig cuz everyone was doing it in the server. It wasnt said with a malicious intent i have no problem with him and even told yall to end this petty feud, so keep me out of it please
  4. We had an amazing thing going and it was ruined by big egos basically. I still had a good time here and goodbye!
  5. Omg completely forgot about this forum. Looks like everyone else did too 


  6. ive been listening to MonHOEpoly, you proud of me sis? :jan1: 

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      Bloodline and NASA :rip:

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      Ooop I’m proud 

  7. Not cosby B Both Nazi and Cardi are problematic af, stan meghan the stallion or lizzo instead!
  8. Nn sis have you become senile? He is literally saying that racist people stereotype black women as being angry and Cardi feeds into that narrative by being an embodiment of said stereotype stop trying to twist peoples words
  9. whew I would be here for a Latvian prince reign or a matriarchal era with Dangerous Legend in charge. concepts
  10. Omg she died? I know she's a wrestler but I mainly know her from Survivor. I've watched China season many times and she always stood out despite being an early boot. Poor girl, I hope justice is served
  11. They’re probably ecstatic That sub was literally created to worship her
  12. I grew up watching looney toons but they didn’t air the racist episodes. Tho they did show bugs kissing people which would probably cause some sort of uproar on social media if it aired today, Im not sure
  13. Bts grossed 77M from 18 shows, their power is undeniable at this point