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  1. The opinion that matters said YES and made it asmash! Max Martin fomos lost
  2. The xenophobia jumped out! Its all about quality, not quantity. Atleast Zayn debuts at no1 unlike fad who struggles to crack top 3 And why are you getting brave all of a sudden GURNEYS only stans are pig bottoms who accidently found their elder sisters cd’s and formed a cult like obsession around the conservatorshipd fad
  3. The gag is you’re the one following Elusive into every thread whenever he gets into arguments like a lost puppy
  4. Lmao bye. You phags always gang up on me whenever I spill tea that doesn’t align with your delusional narratives. Mariah is an icon but nowhere near JLO’s status as a legend. Good night!
  5. A fad is something thats popular for a period of time (December) then fades away JLO really is the new Marilyn. Beauty standards shifted and Jlo helped define them in the last decade with her large butt and big breasts. She ages like fine wine which is why she’s still so relevant as a sex symbol. Change your name to Delusive Loverboy if you’re gonna keep spouting nonesense
  6. JLO is the bigger celebrity, you can’t argue against that. Achievements such as grammies are meaningless when you impacted society in a much larger way. Moo is a cute singer but Jlo is a global superstar, pop culture itself, Marilyn’s spiritual successor. You guys are truly delusional if you think fad is bigger or better
  7. Doesn’t matter, the tea is about to be served about her sexual assault and cult past and she will get R. Carey’d, tarinishing what’s left of her small legacy Keep bragging about 40 year old receipts while her latest albombs tumble down the charts as she gains more and more lard with each passing day
  8. I shudder everytime I see you in my notifications, go away
  9. Something Mariah tried and failed at you can’t payola good acting skills
  10. Without You is a cover It’s not even hers WBL is the definition of local. People don’t even know it exists outside the US. Her only classic is AIWFC and maybe Always Be My Baby 🍼
  11. If Pariah had acbigger career than Jlo then how come she has a lower net worth? Ugh we love a savvy buisness woman who doesn’t waste her fortune on alcohol and lipo!
  12. Kii all you want she really is. In the movie White Chicks one of the blonde twins wanted to get the same nose as Jlo. She had so much impact especially in the 2000’s amd was constantly referenced everywhere for her looks. None of those Moo songs are remembered except by lambs Let’s Get Loud and Jenny From The Block, waiting for tonight, My Love Dont Cost A thing are true, global classics. Im 23 too
  13. It means African American Vernacular Ebonics iirc
  14. Girl I’m older than you stop trying it with this age thing Jlo is not only a talented musician, actress and performer, but she’s also a huge sex symbol. She’s the closest thing to Marilyn Monroe. Well her and Kim Kardashian. Mariah is a local icon who is only remembered during December.