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  1. The delusion JUMPED out. Drake has been massive for years and his peak is WAAAAY bigger than Pink's. He's outsingled her with more global smash hits than her in less time and outalbumbed with Views debuting with over 1 million sps, 852k of which are pure.
  2. @starlord I think you forgot to edit my label name to Bad Angel Records
  3. Label: Bad Angel Records CEO: @Venti Artist: Fifth Harmony
  4. On January 21st, Cro visited Sweden's leading radio station, Sveriges Radio P1 @Elusive Loverboy @Venus @MISS CAMARADERIE
  5. On January 17th, Cro visited 100% NL, one of the biggest radio stations in the Netherlands, to promote his newest single
  6. Issa bop and Ari's next #1
  7. What day do charts come out?
  8. Cro stops by the German radio station, 1Live, to promote infinity and beyond
  9. I wish there was a European or at least a German chart, but I love what y'all did with Vox. It's amazing. But I have one small nitpick. Cro's first letter is capitalized. Like I said it's just a small nitpick and if it's to complicated to fix, then you can leave it
  10. When do our songs get added to Vox?
  11. Title: infinity and beyond Artist: Cro Genre: Hip-Hop, German-rap Label: stay tru entertainment Length: 3:36 Release Date: January 12th, 2018 Audio Lyrics (German) Lyrics (English)
  12. Label: stay tru entertainment CEO: @Venti Artist: Cro