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  1. Taylor is coming

  2. Amazing All that without even scoring a hit song
  3. this But they think its just music and chart discussion and not a bunch of gays arguing about which pop girl is bigger than the others
  4. We dont want to know who was the reason for the most annoying part of the whole album
  5. Nicki Minaj breathes heavy, not because she‘s nervous, because her countless plastic breast implants lay on her chest, as she stands behind the $5 curtain from Wallmart ready to start her show. Full of hope and joy she was ready to meet her fans as she realizied they didnt make her smash album titled „Queen“ number one on the Billboard H200. The queen knew her fans would expect a bombastic show but „a no no“ she thought. Not for them. The curtain falls as Onika first takes a look the black curtains covering thousands of unsold seats. The few fans that were able to purchase a ticket of $40 scream „End me queen“ „I spent all my money for this“ Onika is shook as the playback of her top50 hit Majesty starts playing. Out of breath after moving her lips to the backing vocals Onika realizes that doing a concert tour like this was not a great idea as she stumbles over a part of the stage. She did not realize she broke it until she tries to lift her big fat concrete ass. With shame and tears in her eyes she runs as fast as she can off stage while her 4 thousand fans started screaming „Cardi B!“ louder and louder.
  6. E•MO•TION is pure pop perfection

    Anyone who disagrees is straight

    1. Believe In Furler

      Believe In Furler

      Anyone who disagrees is deaf

    2. Bleh



  7. Can‘t believe I won an award, thanks I guess
  8. GP doesnt care about it... so far Im convinced it will do good in the long run
  9. Of course P!nk used to be a MPG in the 2000‘s Thats unquestionable She also still played a huge role this decade outselling most of her peers
  10. I think theyre going the longevity route so a peak in the top15 or even top10 might be possible
  11. out now! already #1 on Australian iTunes