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  1. I think about @Black Beauty 💫 all the time, 24/7 3 6 5 :katybop:

  2. sis, we KatyCats should know our place OT: She deserves it, this song issa bop Go queen
  3. we dont claim Godi‘s buzz single with BruNo tho 365>>>>
  4. It‘s kinda generic and bland but not bad Cute effort but I‘m sure she can do better
  5. 365 is already SOTY, why? :dancega:

  6. thank you, next No filler and no bad song! It‘s so cohesive and just beautiful
  7. we are not surprised by all these songs she is featured on, but congratz Nicki
  8. It‘s not your duty to tell everyone whats your sexual identity. People will find out when time passes. If they ask just be honest and tell them. When they stay with you, you can be sure that these are the people you can trust and if not, fuck them
  9. Rih, Katy and Taylor My faves are winning
  10. can‘t wait for new Pr!ncess music :excited:

  11. Get well soon legend @Legendie Congratz @Oh My Gaga youll do a great job