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  1. This is one of the standart excused from Spotify lol
  2. Sicki Garbaj is the biggest waste of oxygen on our beloved planet
  3. Delicate deserves it! I'm happy for Tay that she still managed to get at least another minor hit from her 'underperforming' era
  4. tomorrow are the COP awards, cant be more excited :demiwerk2:

  5. As for now? Yes Taylor sings better than Britney, dances better than Britney, has better stage production than Britney, does bigger touring than Britney, sells more albums/singles than Britney, has more acclaim than Britney and the list goes on and on. It doesnt matter anymore that Britney sold 30M albums 20 years ago. Taylor is here and still moves big numbers.
  6. Welcome to the forum. I hope you will have a great time here!
  7. Lets hope we get a fresh wave of new Katycats with our YouTube promo
  8. my headache is killing me

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    2. kipperskipper


      its *my loneliness is killing me 

    3. neonnights


      I hope I win! :byefatty: pray for me, sis! 

    4. CUZ!CAN


      @kipperskipper I was thinking of that lyric when I posted this SU lmao

  9. @Desperado you forgot to add a source
  10. He wasnt born in Germany but grew up here and makes german music
  11. I you havent voted yet, I'd be very thankful if you vote me for best avi, biggest payola and best pop girl stan