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  1. COP is back? 

  2. “ME!“ is a bop tbqh 

  3. I‘m so excited to announce 

  4. So her team basically confessed with the Blast article. But in their version of the story they are the heroes who wanted to help her and she’s a crazy psycho that had to be locked up.
  5. Saying that she’s desperate is an understatement
  6. #FreeBritney

    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Very that :yes:

  7. E=MC² Released: April 15, 2008 Genre: R&B, Pop Singles: 1. TOUCH MY BODY Released: February 12, 2008 2. BYE BYE Released: April 15, 2008 3. I‘LL BE LOVIN’ U LONG TIME (feat. T.I.) Released: July 1, 2008 4. I STAY IN LOVE Released: October 28, 2008 •became her sixth #1 album •had the biggest first week sales of her career (463,000 copies) •had the third biggest first week sales for a female artist that year only behind Taylor Swift‘s ”Fearless“ (592,000) and Britney Spears‘ ”Circus“ (505,000) •produced her 18th #1 hit ”Touch My Body“ •3 million copies sold worldwide This is one of my favorite albums by her and I think it could’ve been HUGE if they wouldn’t have made all the wrong single choices after TMB. ”Migrate“ is the 19th #1 that got away...
  8. But the girl in the movie was successful and relevant
  9. ”So Am I“ is a bop and it’s actually not flopping. It’s been rising everywhere each week so far and remember that ”Sweet But Psycho“ took some time to become a hit as well.
  10. THANK YOU! In the Top 10 of my favorite songs of all time (which are all Knee songs ofc) and her best music video.
  11. Loved her album, think she’s a nice girl, a good performer and a good singer. But I agree that she messed up the era for her album. It had so much potential.
  12. Her career lasted for 4 years and then she needed a Bradley Cooper movie to revive it. And her stans seriously think she did sumn. They are going to be so disappointed when they see the sales for her next album. I can already see the comments ”Well ASIB was one of the biggest albums of 2018 soo“ "sHe HaS aN oScAr!!“ Why would a singer need an Oscar anyway?
  13. Michael and Madonna both practically crowned JT the Prince of Pop sooo I guess this is the end of the discussion?