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  1. Buy and stream ”Rainbow Fantasy“

  2. ”If I Fall“ is such a bop! And yes, the album was supposed to be called ”This Heart“
  3. What‘s up hoes?

    1. Oh My Gaga

      Oh My Gaga

      Hey good sis :yas: where you been

  4. Happy birthday to all of you! :disgusted:

  5. Buy Liberation on iTunes! :xtinabye:


    1. Black Beauty 💫

      Black Beauty 💫

      you're the first army/fighter that I know. Usually it's army vs fighter.

  6. Y'all bitches remember that I'm back so technically you have to nominate me in every category
  7. Did I have to sign up for this oooor?
  8. There are like 733652 new Cardi B topics on here each day :saladga:

  9. 3/10 I'm sorry it's awful but you're still a legend
  10. I don't care about K-Pop but the K-Pop stans are problematic and annoying af especially the BTS Army. They also act like their faves are on like Michael Jackson's level and like they've been around for ages. And they think their opinion is the only "right" opinion.