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  1. Rocket.

    Nicki Minaj

    Nicki snapped on Fefe, kthxbye. Queen is coming and I'm back to being excited.
  2. Oh he's just this very cute guy who always makes me happy every time we speak, he could just say "hi" and I'm suddenly in love. Feels good since last summer I had a very weird heartbreak, this time around it's the opposite so wig is flying!!
  3. Rocket.

    Nicki Minaj

    I love the Church of Minaj.
  4. It's always the same reads over and over lmao. You know how many times I have heard that before?
  5. Awww cute. Another tired "You're uneducated bc you stan Beyoncé" read. Come up with something else, I'm bored of you already.
  6. Right? The bitch really went through all that time to make a thread.
  7. Free my king. He got attacked by a certain admin in a PM and then got banned right away. You’ll be missed! 

  8. This is why I'm going to bed tonight, rot by yourself whore.
  9. I think this really might be Ariana's best single, it's so worth the hype and I can't fucking wait for the video.
  10. God is TRULY a woman. Oh yes SHE IS WOO SHIT.
  11. It's okay don't worry, justice shall be served soon I hope.
  12. It's okay!!! Just make me proud and get them damn slashers! I gotta go back bc to my grave tho, the graveyard has a curfew! xoxo!