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  1. Overall she has a great career and legacy. And is forever the queen of pop. She has nothing left to prove. And same goes for Janet and all the legends.
  2. Only 2 weeks before we have Caution in our hands.
  3. I like Katy. And i don't think she is talentless. But what she said about Mariah truly came back to hunt her down.
  4. Whitney 10/10. Aretha 10/10. Janet 10/10. Beyonce 10/10. Tina 10/10. Normani 7/10.
  5. I am talking about attitude as well. BUt ok, agree to disagree.
  6. Same can be said about Rihanna. She is a beauty queen and a model. She usually steals the spotlight by looking fabulous.
  7. She said that about her image in terms of sexual appeal. Somebody asked if maybe her sexy diva act was too much at times. And she responded with the mary poppins comment. It doesn't take anything away from her, she is a strong woman. And based on many appearances, i don't think she cares too much about looking sophisticated. And you can look sophisticated and still be a badass bitch.
  8. They had a breakdown because well. They went through a lot. We know now that in Mariah's case, she has bipolar disorder and has been fighting against it for a long time. Mariah never wanted to be a good girl next door. She was forced to be a nice ballad queen by sony in her early years. So her casee doesn't count because the transformation we saw in the Butterfly era, is the image and sound she always wanted for herself and had to fight a lot to achieve that freedom. She made it and her career was fine. Butterfly was a hit, #1 era was a hit, Rainbow was a hit. TEOM was a hit. And if you want more evidence that Mariah was always more of a bad girl. Check this out. https://www.nydailynews.com/archives/gossip/mariah-barks-back-catty-cameron-article-1.824994
  9. And when other big voice divas like celine lipsync? She does it as much as Mariah. Why don't you drag her? So writing your own music doesn't mean is good. But selling millions does? All of this is subjective. And if you think all of her music is the same, that proves you know nothing about her. Only 2 remembered hits? My All, Withot You, Hero, WBT, Fantasy, AIWFCIU. Not to mention how VOL is still cited by many singers as one of their influences to become singers.
  10. @Devin4Life I just noticed this thread was also made on atr you know who. So is eevee the same user that made this thread there? How pressed can somebody be? A lot i guess, based on the respond of many jlo and aguilera stans there. https://North Korea.net/forums/topic/186408-why-is-mariah-so-pathetic/?page=2
  11. The kii of you thinking that the Mariah pics from movies Prcecious and The Butler have no make up. In Precious for example, they said that the make up they used wasn't meant to look good.
  12. Mariah ain't the only big voice 90s diva to lip parts of her shows. Yet certain people give others a pass. The hipocrisy is real. Not to mention that she has the right to do the music she loves. R&B, and she has done many things outside of R&B too.