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  1. a moment most pleasing to me in anitta's career


  2. Free my king. He got attacked by a certain admin in a PM and then got banned right away. You’ll be missed! 

  3. banned? rest in peace sis

  4. well i get that but she trynna be more than a lil cute pop singer so she needs to work on that technique
  5. @shmeur @barbiej33p ariana should care about her technique. her songs aren't exactly easy vocally and she strains a lot in live performances, her voice gon run away from her in the next years if she doesn't improve her technique.
  6. SKSKKSSS BITCH I CRACKLED @Softer Than A Homosexual fuck outta here if you're coming with that negative energy
  7. if this is supposed to be the artwork for the single then why does it show the sweetener cover in spotify?
  8. TLIC is better imo just bc of nicki's verse
  9. omg DELETE did they really? welp let's pray cos if it is then i-