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  1. anyways yall im gone. im revoking my stan card and will probably never return to this site again . reminder that this era is NOT experimental at all. just generic r&b trash with horrible mastering and she needs to know that she should stick to pop. not buying or streaming this damn trash ever again
  2. or lets not buy it at all. she needs to know we dont want another pharrell exec era like this.
  3. making my very short comeback to say this album is absolute garbage and i hope pharrell dies
  4. can i request a ban :dafuq:

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    2. Rainbow 💫

      Rainbow 💫

      @NIGHTRIDER what's wrong sweetie?? Feel free to pm me.if you wanna talk about it :(



      just dm me on twitter and we can talk there

    4. Rainbow 💫

      Rainbow 💫

      What's your twitter??

  5. cupquakke broke stonewall . what really threw it was what i like, the best song in her discography
  6. you excluding the best songs, what i like and grins
  7. heres what i want you to do: give true romance a very attentive listen and see where it ends up on your ranking
  8. youve clearly never listened to true romance if you think that