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  1. obviously Love Me Like You Do by the queen herself, Ellie Goulding!
  2. dua >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> halsey the facts are facts. stay pressed
  3. YASSS GURL! ISS A BIG FAT BOP. I really hope she'll be able to release the album, cuz all the 3 singles are truly magical ^^
  4. i am going to see her in Mönchengladbach as well
  5. this lady deserves more success! I have seen her live, she has the most powerful voice ever omg. STOP SLEEPING ON PALOMA FAITH YALL now she's coming with disco influenced song(s), so..!!
  6. not bad, nor bad, but I really want her to release another bop like this:
  7. Dua (her voice tho) gives energy and passion to this song I'm glad she released it, but now it makes sense why Miguel fits this song so good - and also the two together
  8. ooomfg can't wait for another fucken bopppp
  9. Is that you in your avi? You met Ellie omg im shook was she nice??

  10. ELLIE MUST HAVE DONE A NEW SONG FOR THISSS!! Oh, btw Ellie Goulding has writing credit for Hailee-s song Btw I'm only here for Ellie and Dua :3
  11. omg, ATY sounds like an unreleased ariana snippet the fuck
  12. She stated she is going back to her honest roots. I'm 100% she is going to make our wig flew, with some bops and something as original as Halcyon was. I cannot wait for my queen to release something.