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  1. Looks like im meeting Rita Ora in 3 weeks. :britcry:

  2. If I could mimic anyone's career it would be Beyonces.
  3. I wish I may, I wish I might ...

    Please let Shawn Mendes be gay tonight.


  4. I prefer AI over the Voice However thier like up for the finale seemed cheap. They used their own judges and previous mentors from the season. The only thing new is the damn frog. However- The voices lineup is star studded.
  5. I felt like Britney’s was progressive as the years went on until she snapped. Gaga’s seemed to be as soon as a era started and it seems like she can’t gain the traction she once had. Both will see success again.
  6. I’m really enjoying it. It took some adjusting but now I catch myself checking this more frequently. The admins and mods actually back you up when you need them to (being fair obviously). Also I can have heated conversations / debates with members and we can still be civil outside of the threads to each other. Just a bunch of better people in general.
  7. Does anyone know if Dua is performing on tonight’s part of the finale of the Voice or tomorrow’s ?? :trinity:

    1. Rainbow 💫

      Rainbow 💫

      Tomorow for the results show

    2. DUA LIPA

      DUA LIPA

      Thank you!! :shook2:

  8. She wore it to a rave with Pixie.
  9. She wore it to a rave with Pixie.
  10. I think the word is ignorant all together either or white, black, yellow, purple. No one should use it. Just like gays shouldn’t be using F****t. At this point black artists are starting to alienate fans which is perfectly okay because i beileve we need more diverse idols and icons but when half the stadium can’t sing lyrics because you have the n word 65 times in a song is a little too much. I digress. I’m not here to argue- the girl shouldn’t have said it and Kendrick shouldn’t have picked a white girl to come up and spit bars to one of his explicit songs.