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  1. Right, all she did was run and lay on the ground and put her ass in the air.
  2. Tbh - I agree with Duas place on the list. It was just a rehash of The Brits.
  3. You know you keep saying this but obviously you guys have no idea what range means. Just because Dua isn’t a soprano doesn’t mean she doesn’t have range. Yes, she has a darker, more huskier tone but she can hit higher notes for her type of voice which means she can give range within her limits for her type of voice. You guys stay thinking that if someone can do whistle tones or do Ariana high notes that means range when it’s not. Heres the definition - You’re welcome.
  4. I literally went to sleep thinking this thread would flop and I wake up to 19 replies.
  5. :seriously: Please up vote you guys, this would be a really good one. Plus we need more Dua ones since there is a abundance of stans on here.
  6. .. all the success and cross over when acts like this are way better .. If a K-pop artist is going to hit it big - this is what I want to see.
  7. I stan a goddess. 


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    2. DUA LIPA

      DUA LIPA

      The cameramen from tonight's show should be fired though because half her performance was either panned far out when she was obviously doing stuff or it was on the audience. :raven1:



      as always its so annoyz i dint tune in to see some basics singing along :rih5head:

    4. DUA LIPA

      DUA LIPA

      Yeah, and I mean she looked amazing but it was really just a rehash of the Brits but with a huge ass Flamingo. I think shes ready to move onto new music. :marensip:

  8. I just realized that Duas red carpet look was supposed to resemble the robe and her performance outfit is the night gown. A concept queen.
  9. So the consensus is that everyone should fire thier stylist for this show because god lol.
  10. I - what kind of dress selection ... even Duas could be better but girl ....
  11. Wait I thought it didn’t start until 8 ??
  12. I was going to say. They are probably only going to do a few award handouts. BBMA is one of those shows that has more performers than nom categories aired.