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  1. No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande Problem - Ariana Grande Break Free - Ariana Grande Bang Bang - Ariana Grande / Jessie J / Nicki Minaj Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
  2. RUMOUR: COP's funeral was set on the set of the Sally Walker Music Video!

  3. I want a full version of the acoustic type version and a full version of the normal song sung in 2019
  4. Ooop add me to the chat please!!m my username is joely_ravioli23
  5. COP started from the bottom and now it's a hit

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    2. StopBeingObsessedWithMe
    3. SarasWorstNightmare


      Miss Craig what the fuck are you still doing here :kelly: @King or Queen 

    4. King or Queen

      King or Queen

      @New Beginnings So much for him not caring anymore LOL 

      The self expose. 

      Also @Venus if you want CoP to you know, succeed, using Iggy as a reference is really not the way to go. No shade but.. 


  6. Yay! A fellow Azalean! Iggy also follows me on twitter!! Also love your stan list
  7. No promo hun... also she is independent and marginalised from the rap community
  8. It will have a top 5 debut!! Stay pressed!! Wait how is press doing? or is it flop flop flopin’ it down
  9. Yassssss let me know if you want me to make any promo stuff ❤️