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  1. ARIANA GRANDE - Special Guest Beyonce - Honeymoon Avenue - Extended Intro Violins start to fade in as a soft pink lighting is presented on the stage with a car being placed in the middle. The violins start to become louder as they are put on a loop as smoke now fills the stage. The smoke then drops to reveal Ariana sitting in the passenger seat of the car as she sings the first line. Ariana remains seated In the car for the first verse and then hopes out once the pre chorus starts. Ariana then belts into chorus as dancers run onto the stage to assist her. Ariana then walks to the back of the stage for the second verse as the dancers move across the stage. The chorus is skipped as it goes straight to the bridge in which the dancers jump onto the car. Ariana ends the song with her posing at the back of the stage as a curtain drops with smoke. Baby I As the beat strikes in the stage light flicker in time with the fast beat. The lights are all yellow fitting the mood of the song. The dancers are all on stage in their positioned posed as Ariana rise from under the stage revealing her in the centre. Ariana's hard hitting vocals radiate across the stage as she nails every note. Ariana and her dancers perform choreography during the chorus. Baby Loves Interlude An interlude is projected onto the curtain as Ariana changes her clothes and the prop is removed from the stage. Pink Champagne The stage is lit pink as Ariana walks out from behind the stage. During the verse she interacts with the dancers as she moves around to the upbeat song. The screen shows visuals of pink champagne. During the chorus she does chorography with the dancers and still manages to hit the high note. During the next verse she moves around the stage with the dancers then comes to the front to interact with the audience, she then runs back for the big climax when she hits the high note and then confetti shoots out. The lights then fade out as Ariana runs off stage. Lavender Envelopes The violin intro of the song plays as videos of Ariana hanging with her friends is displayed on the screen. At the end of the interlude text appears on the screen saying "p.s - I love you" Wake Up ft Beyoncé Ariana walks out as the stage is filled with smoke with a giant cloud prop in the middle of the stage. The intro vocals flow in as clouds are projected onto the stage. Ariana is walking around the stage as she nails the first verse, interacting with the excited fans in the front. She then stands on the cloud during the chorus as she belts out the vocals. Dancers run on stage for the next verse as Ariana flows around the stage. The next chorus kicks in as Ariana dancers around while still belting out the lyrics. She then says "Welcome everyone! It's Beyonce!" Beyonce gets raised onto the stage as she slays her verse. Her amazing vocals penetrate the room as they dance around. Their beautiful harmonies during the chorus make the crowd go crazy. They then run to the front of the stage and nail the last note when they pose with their fists up A snippet of Wake Up is then posted on Ariana's YouTube Channel
  2. “Rapist” where is the evidence? The only source is a woman who was high on weed who faces bipolar disease who also made up the dates of the attack and then continued to be friends with her for a year and a half... if someone raped you, why would you continue to be friends with them?? It doesn’t make sense.
  3. It feels like I’ve been waiting for 60 years
  4. Love to see it reach 100+ days on ITunes WW :?
  5. Billie was a good choice though!! I wonder if we could pull off a Ari x Billie collab, maybe once her new album comes out
  6. I think it had good intention but the way she said it wasn’t very formal
  7. Blue Lips - Tove Lo the album is a masterpiece
  8. Every hater is secretly a fan :)