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  1. Drag Race & Music Wars will come this week! Sorry for the inactivity as I’ve been sick and it’s assessment time at school!

  2. Anna Ou! I was sick last week and it’s assessment week at school, it will be coming this week!
  3. Venus

    Who will stop OTR?

    Only Nicki MInaj can end one of her sons
  4. Can’t wait for Australia to low key win
  5. Yes! I've been sick & have heaps of school work. It will be coming!
  6. i only got one set of critiques but i may as well just continue
  7. I remember he said that he'll ask Camilla to see if shes okay with it.
  8. I’ve got all looks, I’m gonna send them to the judges now
  9. Music Wars!! I'm slowly working through critiques as I have heaps of assignments to do! The next chart + critiques should be posted before Friday though! :) 

  10. @Oh My Gaga I think you need to submit
  11. COP Music Wars should be done in about 8 hours, Once I'm done school I'll go on a grind and write critiques

  12. Love how it’s turned into a expose the exposer situation these days...

  13. ARIANA GRANDE COVERS BILLBOARD | WW Paid | May 4 | MUSIC INDUSTRY "The music industry has treated me really well! Everyone has been supportive and loving of my music. Being a female in a male dominated industry it can be scary debuting thing that you have to hypersexualise yourself to get sales or streams. I've made some friends and met some really amazing people who I love and support! I can't wait for people to hear more of my music and really get to learn who I am through my music." TOURING "I'm really excited to start touring at some point! The connection that I have with my fans will just be amazing and really gives you the drive to perform! Hopefully we will see this happen in the coming months along with my tour outfits created by Reebok!" REEBOK "I just signed a deal with Reebok for $600,000 for six months! I love their products and I'm so excited to be working with them on my tour and our clothing line! READ MORE IN THE OFFICIAL MAGAZINE