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  1. Athens, Stockholm, Rome, Milan, Florence & Venice Loved them all especially Athens & Milan
  2. That was like my second home lmao Pretty much 80% of my high school years were in detention...I'm not proud of that tho
  3. Happy birthday!

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  5. Gaga is the ONLY person to be nominated for both Best Actress and Best Song at the OSCARS she easily had the Biggest Transformation in the last 10 years ...she is officially a Legend now i still can't believe what she has accomplished in just 10/11 years
  6. yeah i remember i was on a Job interview for a big insurance company and i just HATE being told what i should and shouldn't do and i remember i just got up in the middle of the interview and left without saying a word
  7. really into Pineapple & Kiwis lately