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  1. I swear that you Little Monsters are so damn bitter. Hate on Madonna all you want, but she has more impact in her PINKY than Gaga has in her entire existence Madonna doesn't give two shits about appealing the haters, so keep on dreaming you're doing something with this post!
  2. It's already #6 in my last 7 days so yeah...It's probably going to be AT LEAST top 3 week 19
  3. Confessional DIABLESSE AND I FINALLY WON A CHALLENGE! YES! I might've messed up on my makeup and hair, but I'm feeling so great right now
  4. Week 18 - Artists Week 18 - Albums Week 18 - Songs
  5. Okay.... Phi Phi is a queen! The Vixen SPILLED when she dragged that fat inbred loaf Eureka so I can forgive her for being a black supremacist, and Gia is iconic.
  6. @the supreme is banned for being a Pete dupe. Needless to say, I lied to him
  7. I fucking love Gia. I wish she could've stayed longer on AS4, and she should've at least outlasted Milk in S6!
  8. I FORGOT ABOUT RA'JAH!!! I don't think I've EVER disliked someone as much as her. She's just MEAN. And at least like Phi Phi and other meaner queens had the talent to back up their actions. Rajah is untalented AND hateful!
  9. Confessional: After seeing these runway looks, it's clear to see I'm going to be lip syncing for my life tonight
  10. I'm going to say that FAT WHORE Eureka O'Hara I loved when The Vixen put that racist mother fucker in ha place! EDIT: I actually don't think I hate ANYONE as much as I do Ra'Jah O'Hara. Thank you to @rihce for reminding me.....She's a hateful cunt!