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  1. There are certain people who shouldn’t be allowed to breed, and after reading this comment I think you’re one of them
  2. I didn't realize wanting evil to stop existing was a bad thing
  3. In b4 the oppressive SJWs tell us we're being hateful just because we don't want evil to exist in this world
  4. @fentypark is one of the most intelligent users on this forum and I'm sick of y'all sleeping on ha as a user! :tinasheeducating:

  5. Because, honestly, I'm really thinking it might be better for this world if she just didn't exist.
  6. Welcome! If you need any help, just get in touch with me or any other mod
  7. I'm ready to win my second challenge in a row
  8. I want @Homojénik as admin or else I will LEAVE COP!