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  1. Why would you even make this thread? This is disgusting.
  2. Girl we probably would've had them by now if you hadn't taken twenty years to send in your campaign
  3. Week 15 - Artists Week 15 - Albums Week 15 - Songs
  4. I get lonely #9? My chart's impact
  5. Almost took this instead of my choice. You better bring that J Pop sis!
  6. I would support her through anything, but I do not support women like Nazi Garbaj using abortion as a plan B.
  7. [Confessional] Auntie McDonald's wins the mini-challenge and she's already gloating like she won the lottery or some shit
  8. [Confessional] Top 5, so there's no room for slacking off! The competition is deep, and I need to do everything in my power to make sure I DON'T go home!