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  1. ? She looks great there. The only thing big is her ass. Love how you didn’t even comment on the candid I posted
  2. And nobody is denying photoshop. The problem is she made a joke in her tweet and y’all acted like she did something offensive. BTW The photo in her tweet is probably not edited considering she looked like this just last month (this is a candid so don’t even try to accuse it of photoshop):
  3. That last photo was for the HATE U video not Vibe magazine Those on stage photos are clearly edited to look bigger EVERY ARTIST abuses some degree of photoshop I don’t understand why you dislike her so much. At least she’s actually sold copies of her albums, unlike that massive flop Austin Mahone.
  4. J Lo hasn’t sold nearly as much as Mariah in the US or globally. Sure she acts also, but Selena is her only memorable film. I guess you could say maid in Manhattan and monster and law but they’re mediocre and that’s really pushing it. Mariah has more #1 hits than any solo artist in the US and has sold over 200m albums. Even MIAM sold twice as much as AKA despite them coming out the same year, J Lo not being in the industry as long as Mariah, and MIAM receiving less promotion.
  5. J Lo is NOT a bigger name than Mariah in the US or globally. J Lo might be bigger maybe in Latin American countries, but Mariah is MILES more famous in all of Asia and the US. Just cause you hate Mariah doesn’t mean you have to discredit her
  6. Title: Crazy in Love Artist: Beyoncé feat. Jay-Z Songwriter(s): Beyoncé, Rich Harrison, Eugene Records, Shawn Carter Genre: Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop Label: Elusive Records Length: 03:57 AUDIO LYRICS
  7. Why do people only cry about toxic masculinity when it fits their narrative? I don’t see anyone crying about it under the comments of the Love Lies video.
  8. You don’t know Carole King or Chuck Berry? Chuck Berry pioneered rock and roll in the 50s and was a major influence on the Beatles, Elvis, David Bowie, and The Rolling Stones among others. Carole King is credited as the most successful female songwriter of the 20th century. She wrote you make me feel like a natural woman. Her album tapestry held the record for most weeks at #1 for like 20 years.
  9. Is it clocks by Coldplay @Zachary
  10. Is this even a well known song @Zachary