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  1. Support talent @Heartsigh @byakkoya @Salvatore @kipperskipper @Bianca Del Rio @AngryAzalean @barbiej33p @Dirkje @Pixelated Kunt @Tana Mongeau Please upvote so I can get his stanbadge xoxo


    1. Dirkje
    2. Tana Mongeau

      Tana Mongeau

      girl... who???????? half these pop acts especially men can't get a stan badge and you want one for a japanese actor??? :whereisit:

    3. Elusive Loverboy

      Elusive Loverboy

      I don’t need other people to have him I just want him! He’s been in American films too and he’s cute. I’ll stream Tana’s music if you do xo