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  1. I literally love my girl LiLo btw! We WILL be watching Lohan's Beach Club and streaming Speak and A Little More Personal (RAW) for clear skin!

    1. Elusive Bardigang

      Elusive Bardigang

      YASSS!!! I love her. She's kinda a mess, but who isn't? :selena:


      Speak is such a good album. A Little More Personal (RAW) is also, but Speak really is amazing. I feel like Spirit in the Dark was going to be her best work, though! I'm sad it never came out.

    2. Miley Ray

      Miley Ray

      She's an iconic mess who gave us iconic movie after iconic movie and we simply STAN!!

      Yessss Speak was THAT album for me in 7th grade!!! Just ugh!!!

      Omg I know I wanted new music from her so bad!!!!