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  1. 100 found ZERO faults with this album (except me wanting more). her BEST album!
  2. foreverbbooyy

    Yes or No

    Yes. Do you like hip hop?
  3. THEY'RE COMING... and I hope this time Syco actually invests money into this era!
  4. her power! Giaw wasn't predicted to be in the top 10 but instead both no tears and it are in - stan twitter are seething!
  5. I thought that Ariana had turned the GP away by being annoying on Twitter? I thought Ariana was hit by the fourth album curse? I thought that everyone hated Sweetener and the GP didn't like her new style? While you're here watch the video of the year, God is a woman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHLHSlExFis&frags=pl%2Cwn
  6. went to sex and relationships and didnt actually expect to see nudes i-

    1. foreverbbooyy


      im scarred for life

  7. most of Ariana's differences come from growing and losing a lot of weight
  8. all of the songs from 1989, reputation, Bangerz, Revival, Sia's discography
  9. Most of the fans I've seen on Twitter have been buying copies using a VPN which are automatically disqualified on Billboard.
  10. Scooter needs to do SOMETHING because the momentum Ariana has right now could honestly lead to a #1
  11. 40/100 good collection of songs with very great highs but too much inconsistency and filler - it goes on for way too long the songs with features on them are the worst on the album (except Chun Swae if it didn't go on for so long), 2 Lit 2 Lat deserved to be longer and Barbie Tingz should've been on the album instead of many of these tracks the only singles options I see left are Majesty and Barbie Dreams
  12. Sweetener is her best album and the best pop album released in ages
  13. I love TLIC is coming even more now and I think it works even better in the album context as it kind of works as an interlude